As a stylist, heres some advice…

Hey guys, I hope all is well and your hair game is on point. 

A stylist working at AllSaints

I wanted to bring some of my knowledge about Fashion to you all. I have background knowledge within the industry from my time working as a Stylist at AllSaints, but do note this is from a personal perspective. I will relate to other styles but understand that this is very much about personal experience, testing on what I feel works and what does not. I am not going to go into accessories, smart wear or loungewear but instead, this is more casual and streetwear.

What my style represents

So to give you an idea of my style, I believe your outfit should reflect your personality and your confidence. Your look is a statement and as much as focus on hair, your outfit will be equal to or more important than your hairstyle. What’s best is to marry the two and create an overall outstanding look and image on how you want to present yourself.

My style and image are very much to have a professional and sophisticated look to it, but also monotone and rustic feeling. My style is more edgy, I prefer to wear more natural colors overall and have the fit on point.

So to give you an idea of that, one of my favorite colors is clay/taupe. I will wear a jacket, either a leather biker jacket or a statement piece like a T-shirt that is fitted to the body but hangs a little lower. I prefer a wide collar rather than a true crew neck, skinny jeans with some distress and then finish it off with trainers for a little more casual (something like Adidas Stan Smiths) or boots (Chelsea or military) for a dressier look.

What I would say is important with your style is that everything is well fitted but not skin tight. Let the clothing you wear reflect your body shape and show off your best assets. Since we always want our hair game strong, let’s match that with your outfit.

Something I’ve learned while being a stylist

That is a quick overview of what I like since I have experience in styling through AllSaints. My opinion will be ever so slightly biased, but I don’t feel for a second that it is a bad thing.

I am actually more against big brand logo clothing and publically showing that off. I prefer something to fit you well and for people to see that. So I apologize to those that like Supreme written everywhere, or Gucci displayed. That is something I actually stray away from. You might catch me with a brand logo every once in a while, but the logo itself will most likely be small and not ginormous.

What being a stylist means to me 

Something I think I should point out, I understand that a variety of viewers reading this come of all different ages, I should say that I am 26 years old. My style suits my age and location, so a lot of what I say is probably going to be more aimed towards people aged 21 up. I understand that all ages can wear what I recommend but I know fashion and style for the young is currently really expressive. Whether it’s something oversized, bold and bright or completely unique. By all means, continue to do what makes you feel comfortable and how you want to express yourself. For me though, I like to be more rustic and have attitude.

Inspirations to my style

In terms of my style inspirations, I would have to say, David Beckham.

Given his modeling career, he has the biker vibe attitude with the leather jacket and quite simple but effective outfit choices. The interesting thing is without even meaning to, my fashion sense relates so much to his without meaning to, or without a clear and distinct aspiration. Over time and experimenting, I have just felt this is what I find best suits me and my current lifestyle.

A more recent model I do like and it may be worth looking into is Daniel ‘Magic_fox’ on Instagram.

I do really enjoy his look and outfit combos. He does wear pieces that are probably more colorful than I usually like, but what I think is important with fashion is to understand your statement piece. Something like a checked shirt or an ‘out there’ color piece like a fashion accessory – for example, a watch, necklace or chain.

Make your confidence shine through your style

Going into a little more detail about what I wear and how I wear it, it’s essential to feel confident in your choices. Own your look and do take pride in your outfit.

I completely understand those that feel self-conscious and feel judgment is massive in today’s world, by all means, it is, but don’t let that stop you from being who you are.

Do what you want to do and aspire to be what you want. As stated above, my style is very minimalist and rustic, using earthy colors as my main source. But if you feel you prefer something much bolder, then, by all means, you do you. That could be several pieces or just a single one. The importance of feeling comfortable in your outfit is so much more than the pieces you are wearing, how you portray that to the world will tell everyone what you feel.

On many occasions, I have worn outfits that go against the grain of my style and look, but I rock it! Go with it and have fun, whatever the occasion. Generally in these situations, rather than have others judge you or think less of you, they can actually become jealous and envious! I know our aim is not to get others to think negatively of us, but our aim is to have them thinking ‘wow’ or ‘impressive’. What I can say is that your own confidence is so much more important than what it is you wear. Just let that shine through your persona.

Wear clothing that fits you and your style

You probably have a general idea of my look in your head now. One thing I will mention is that you should wear clothing that fits you and your style. I’ve styled clients in a way that always benefited their body shape.

I think anyone can be styled and dressed well when you use the angles and body shape of the person. For me, I have quite an athletic build and I do train a lot in the gym so I do want to flaunt off what I can, but I don’t wear an extra small t-shirt to do this. I wear clothing that fits me properly but it shows off the assets which I have, and for me, my shoulders are one of my best body parts so when I wear t-shirts they are slim on the body to taper in around the waist. They have a wider neckline and sometimes I will wear a short sleeve rather than a standard tee.

These things are all part of some simple tricks to help show off a muscle group I have, but the t-shirt itself does not look tight or too small around the rest of my body. I think for anyone thinking to do similar, find out what it is your looking to show off and then think of ways that you can provide that.

Again you need to find your confidence to know what you want to rock. By all means, be experimental and wear things with a bit of pride. As cliché as it sounds, it is the truth!

What I have to say may not apply to everyone. Be confident and find your style.

I know when I write about this, I may speak in general terms or become expansive. This is because it can be very difficult to go very intricate into this topic of style and fashion. Sometimes what you read may be the opposite of what you’re looking to learn or read about. Plus it’s not for everyone to dress the same way I do.

I want to apply ideas and knowledge that you can take away and apply in your own manner. Individuality is fundamental, so go with what you like and what feels right. Just take this information and apply it to your circumstances. Not everyone has an endless budget to work with; some will be more than others. But understand what you want to go for and create your own style.

Well, I think by now you have a good idea of my personal style and what it took to get to this style point in my life. If you guys want to ask me any questions or get some tips, pop a message to me over facebook or leave a comment on this post.

All the best guys, until the next time.


Scott Lawrence
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