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What Type Of Hair Product Is Right For Me?

Deciding on what type of hair product to use will depend on a number of factors, but will ultimately come down to what you’re in the mood for.

Some people like to switch things up every day or every other day while others tend to use the same product and product type daily. When it comes to deciding on a hair product, there are three general things to consider: your hair type, the occasion, and personal preference.

The type of hair product you use will have a big impact on how effective it is depending on the type of hair you have. A person with thick hair, for example, will have a hard time maintaining their desired look throughout the day if they use a lightweight product such as a cream or paste.

However, these types of products may work well for someone who has thin hair as they’re usually geared towards people with thin hair types. Those of you who have thicker hair may find using a clay more productive and beneficial. Hair clays tend to have a medium to strong hold.




Just like anything, whether it be your outfit, hairstyle, etc., the type of hair product you use may give your hair the extra detail(s) it needs to be fitting for the occasion. On an everyday basis, many people would find a matte finish product desirable as they’re simple and helps you blend into the crowd. On a more dapper-like occasion, using a pomade will give your hair some shine and help you stand out a bit. Depending on the type of pomade you use, however, you can find some that will give you a more natural look while others will make your hair appear more greasy. It all depends on how you’re feeling and what you feel confident using in the end.




In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and what you enjoy using. Some people may use pomade every day and stick out in the crowd, and that’s not a bad thing at all! If you feel confident, then that’s all that matters. Experimenting with different types of products is also another key thing to remember. Even if you have thick hair, it doesn’t mean you have to shy away from using lightweight products. Using lightweight products may actually suit you better if you enjoy rocking a more relaxed and low-maintenance style.




Trying new things is the only way you’ll be able to discover what works best for you and I can say that from personal experience as I didn’t figure that out for a long time as I stuck with the same types of products for years. Up until I was 19, I was hooked on using strong hold products every day but decided to pick up BluMaan’s 5th Sample pomade product. I gave it a try and it worked wonders for my hair. While still maintaining a stronghold, I was able to attain a different look for once and have since begun switching things up every now and then.


How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

Knowing when you should cut your hair all depends on what look you’re trying to achieve. Some people experience faster hair growth than others but it’s important to note that people generally grow about half an inch of hair a month. This should you give you a good idea of how often you want to cut your hair from a macro perspective.

If you’re trying to achieve a man bun or a top-knot, for example, you may not want to cut your hair for a while as getting frequent cuts will delay your desired look. However, getting trims every month or two won’t hurt as touch-ups are actually recommended to get rid of any dead-ends that you may have.


Getting trims…

every so often may actually help you stay sane, believe it or not. Although you’re still cutting your hair, you’re not undergoing a full haircut as there is a distinct difference between the two. People who try to grow their hair out also become frustrated at times as many of them go through what is called “the awkward stage,” which is basically where they attain a look that they don’t find attractive.

If you’re trying to grow a man bun, then you may become frustrated when the sides of your hair start to grow out if you originally had an undercut. If you’re just trying to retain an undercut, however, then you may find yourself getting a haircut once a month or once every other month. After two months, it becomes pretty noticeable as the sides of your hair will have grown out to an inch or so. As someone who has had an undercut for several years now, I can say that it’s one of the easiest hairstyles to retain as you don’t have to get your hair cut too often and you usually only have to worry about getting the sides of your hair trimmed as many people often let the hair on the top of their head grow out.


Short styles

For those of you who are rocking shorter hairstyles, you can expect to get a haircut more often than others depending on how short you’re trying to go. I’m a person that’s had it all for the most part. I’ve shaved my head, had short-length hairstyles, and medium-length hairstyles. I still have yet to grow my hair out to man bun’s length but perhaps I’ll see that happen one day. Whether you’re serving in the military or just prefer retaining a buzzcut, you’ll need to get your haircut at least once a month, so every 3-4 weeks to keep your hairstyle looking fresh.


It’s just hair

In the end, hair is just hair and regardless of length,  you can always achieve a hairstyle that looks sharp, even for those that are still in the awkward phase. Never say never; there’s always a way around things and by doing the little things, you’ll allow for the big picture to stand out. If you’re growing out your sides for the first time, own it, and own it hard.

Be confident in whatever you do and wherever you go. Hair products will go a long way and can sometimes allow your hair to mimic other hairstyles. I’ve always found that slicking my hair back using some hair product will allow me to keep a clean look while growing my hair out. Whatever you may be dealing with though, always remember to stick to your roots and remember the goal that is at hand. Be patient and remain wise.

Does the Price of Hair Products Matter?

Self-hygiene can often be overlooked regardless of how good of a routine you are using. You may be doing the right things and following the basic rules such as washing your hair 1-2x a week and using a heat protectant when blowdrying, but the types of products you use also make a huge difference in the quality of your hair.

Quality vs. Quantity

It’s always important to recognize that the level of quality a product usually contributes to how much it may cost. Brands that are widely known to the general public often produce many different types of hair products and little is known in regards to how effective they are in promoting healthy hair. So should you avoid big brand names? It depends.

Typically, you’ll be paying a higher price the greater the quality of a product you get, but a lot of people would agree that it’s usually worth the extra buck. For example, you can find some hair products from a low-end company such as Old Spice for less than $6 US dollars and a more reliable brand such as Lockharts will run you about $14-18 US dollars.

There’s always a way around getting a decent product for a decent amount of money, however. American Crew can be pricey, but some of their products are pretty affordable for the average person. While some of their hair products can run over $20, you can also find others that cost under $10. American Crew may not be the best, but some of their products have been tested to work very well for a number of people and can always be considered as a good back up option if you’re on a budget.

Effects of Using Bad Products

There are some key ingredients to look out for when buying hair products, whether it be shampoo, conditioner, or hair gel. A lot of people usually look for something that smells nice and gives off a pleasant fragrance, but sometimes this can serve as a red flag.

Fragrances aren’t always natural and can contain a number of harmful chemicals that are damaging to one’s hair.

Sulfate is a commonly known ingredient that people tend to avoid as it does tend to strip one’s natural oils from their hair and dry out their scalp.

For a lot of people, this may be no big deal. Some people deal with really oily hair and might find this useful, but for others who have normal to dry hair, this can be a deal-breaker.

Parabens are also a key ingredient that people look out for. Some studies have shown that they are linked to breast cancer so it’s best to be aware of any products that contain this substance.

When I first started caring about my hair, I never really took the time to look into buying a good, quality product. I was always content as long as the product I was using had a stronghold.

Sometimes a decent smell would sell me on it even more, but over the years I found that maintaining my hair and its health became more difficult.

I was always struggling with dry hair and had to rethink my entire daily routine. However, one of the things that made a huge difference was switching my old products out for some new ones. The first “quality” product I bought was Hanz De Fuko’s Claymation.

I have since switched over to using Blumaan’s line of hair products as they are all also 100% natural and provide much better results. The key thing to remember is that quality always beats quantity and if you’re serious about keeping your hair healthy then it is essential to invest in products that will help you maintain that.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Washing your hair is a vital part of everyone’s personal hygiene, but can you wash it too much or too little? This all depends on each person and is based on what type of hair you have, what the weather looks like, and what kind of lifestyle you’re living. A lot of it is plain and simple though; knowing the basic rules makes the biggest difference.

1. Genetics

This is probably the most obvious factor that plays into how much each person may wash their hair every week. The type of hair you have will say a lot about how often you need to wash it.

People who have dry hair or oily scalp should wash their hair with shampoo and conditioner 1-2x a week maximum.

However, this rule doesn’t need to be applied when using the conditioner alone. People who struggle with maintaining dry hair may find using conditioner daily helpful as it helps moisturize the hair and maintain a healthy look.

When it comes to people with oily hair, washing it with shampoo and conditioner 3-4x a week may be necessary. It all depends on each person and how severe their case may be. Washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner daily, however, should be a last resort. Washing your hair daily can be damaging over time as the shampoo will dry it up if used too frequently, and thus lead to detrimental effects on your hair’s health.

2. Weather

If you have ever noticed your lips or skin gets dry during the winter, then your hair has probably experienced similar results. Living in a place where the climate gets cold throughout the year or one season alone should push you to prepare for the worst.

When the weather gets cold, everything tends to dry up. This includes your hair, but there are still ways to work around it.

Using a leave-in conditioner always helps fight dry hair whether it’s caused by genetics or outside factors such as the weather and is an effective tool as it works throughout the entirety of the day.

Living in a place during the summer or where it’s hot and arid throughout the year tends to produce opposite outcomes. Instead of dealing with dry hair, people usually combat oily hair as being in a hot climate causes people to sweat and produce more oil glands in the hair.

As mentioned before, people should use their own judgment and determine how often they need to wash their hair with shampoo and conditioner each week as each person will experience different outcomes.


3. Lifestyle

Working out and staying fit is never a bad thing, but if you’re at the gym or going out for a run every day or every other day, then there are some things to consider.

Sweating is a given whenever you work out. You’re going to sweat and depending on how long you work out, you’re going to sweat a lot. However, this doesn’t mean you should be washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner every day or every other day.

If you’re sweating a lot from a hard workout, you might find it helpful to wash your hair one or two times more a week, but it all depends on self-judgment. However, using a conditioner alone following your workout will usually suffice and do the job.

When it comes to washing your hair, a lot of it comes from using good judgment and remembering the basics. Always make sure to consider the general things: the type of hair you have, the weather, and your lifestyle. Another key thing to remember is to always use good, quality products. Quality always beats quantity and it’s best to avoid damaging your hair in the long run.

3 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dry

Everyone deals with dry hair at some point in their lives; dry hair may be genetic, it might develop because of outside factors in the world, and can be caused by poor personal hygiene routines. If dry hair is caused by genetics, there’s not much you can do to drive it away but there are some useful techniques that can be used to give your hair a healthier look.

Dry hair can also be caused by things we can’t control such as the weather. If you live in a hot, arid climate or spend a lot of time in the sun then your hair is likely to become thin and brittle due to the natural oils produced being dried up. Poor hygiene tends to an overlooked cause for dry hair. Poor hygiene can consist of a number of issues from things such as using too much heat and washing your hair too often.

1. Genetics

Genetics plays a large role in what type of hair you have and how easy it is to manage. Someone that develops having naturally dry hair may feel out of luck and believe they are destined to live with it for the rest of their lives. This is only partly true. Although you may not be able to get rid of having dry hair completely, there are things you can do to tackle this issue.

A big thing for me has always been oils. Depending on how long your hair is, a few drops of hair oil will moisturize your hair and give it a healthy look. Argan oil tends to be really effective for dry and frizzy hair, but people can use other types such as coconut oil.

2. Weather conditions

As someone who lives in Florida, my hair tends to get dry throughout the week, especially during the Summertime. In addition to using hair oils, I tend to use a leave-in conditioner when I’m outside most of the day and apply hair treatments 1-2 times a week to help retain my hair’s natural oils.

Doing these things have always helped give my hair a natural and nourishing look. Some people are able to get away without doing all of these things, but for anyone that has hair that dries up easily, these methods stand as an effective way of tackling this issue.

3. Personal Hygiene 

Many people tend to disregard poor hygiene as they don’t realize how impactful it is for the health of your hair. Using heat products such as a blow dryer is part of many people’s daily routines. Blow dryers are very effective in giving people the volume they desire but can be harmful if used too frequently or not properly. When using a blow dryer, it is imperative that you keep it a few inches away from your hair and using the medium setting as having it too close and too high can damage your hair if done frequently.

Washing your hair too often is another thing that people often don’t realize is harmful. If you’re someone who deals with oily hair, then washing your hair more often is understandable but it is not ideal for someone that struggles with dry hair as it only feeds on the problem. People who struggle with dry hair should only wash their hair 1-2 times a week but can feel free to use conditioner regularly to help retain its moisture.

Dry hair is a pain to deal with, but it’s important to know that there are ways to manage it. Whether it’s caused by genetics, living in a hot climate, or having a poor hygiene, there are various methods that can be used give your hair a lively look. Some people often accept that there is no way around it, but there always is. Give one of these methods a try and see how it works out for you.

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