Which BluMaan products are right for my hair?

This one’s for all the Blumaan newcomers out there.

When you’re ready to increase your hair game, the first step is to pick BluMaan products that will help you achieve the style you want. One of the most frequently asked questions I see about Blumaan products is, “Which one should I get?” So, before you go posting on the Blumaan community Facebook page for the third time, or commenting on another YouTube video, let’s answer this once and for all, right here, right now.


The Original Styling Meraki

BluMaan Products Original Styling Meraki

Let’s start with the OG Blumaan product. Original was designed to be the most versatile product possible. It’s a thick fibrous cream with a medium to strong hold and natural/matte finish. With built-in heat protection, Original can protect your hair from the heat of a hairdryer to a certain extent (although, if you plan on using a flat iron or using a hairdryer on high heat for prolonged periods of time, you should invest in a heat protectant.)

These features mean that Original can be effectively used in almost any situation. Use a smaller amount in damp hair before blow-drying to safely add volume and control before post-styling. Use it in dry hair to sculpt your hair to a natural-looking finish. If you want more hold, just add more product. If you want a touchable feel to your hair, use it with damp hair or use a little less than usual.

This product is best for people looking for a do-it-all product they can use to style with both damp and dry hair; especially if you want a hairstyle with more volume or a more natural look. However, if you’re looking for a slick look, or something with some serious hold, Original is probably not for you.


Cavalier Heavy Clay

BluMaan Products Cavalier Heavy Clay

One of Blumaan’s more recent products, Cavalier offers the most extreme hold and texture in the entire lineup. It is a heavy, oil-based clay with high hold and texture with a natural/matte finish. If you have unruly hair, or high ambitions for a tall hairstyle, this might be the product for you.

Cavalier can also create some serious texture if you’re going for that perfect modern quiff. It is a heavy clay though, so if you have trouble with products tugging and pulling during application, or if you want your hair to feel like there’s nothing in it, this may not be the best choice for you. Also, it’s oil-based, so it won’t rinse out completely without shampoo.


Hybrid Cream Clay

BluMaan Products Hybrid Cream Clay

One of the more recent additions to the collection, Hybrid strives to offer the best of both worlds for clay users. It combines the easy application of a cream with the texture and hold of a clay to offer a great experience for people even with fine or thin hair. It’s water-based, so it’ll rinse out almost completely without shampoo, and applies effortlessly through the hair with a truly matte finish.

The hold and texture is a little weaker than Cavalier, so if you have thick unruly hair, or want a ten-foot tall quiff, this might not work for you (unless you use a lot more than you’re used to). However, if you want a looser style that’s a little tousled/messy, this might be perfect for you. Personally, I have thick, fine, wavy hair, and this is the product I use (and love) the most. I like to keep my hair touchable and soft, but still controlled. Hybrid does that for me.


Monarch Matte Paste

BluMaan products - Monarch Matte Paste

Monarch Matte Paste is the newest member of BluMaan products. We’re proud to call this one of the most versatile of the bunch. Why? Our Monarch Matte paste creates amazing texture while combining with an effortless smooth application.

The hold is stronger than Hybrid Cream Clay but does not sacrifice in application. This means that there is literally minimal to zero tug when applying Monarch. It features an intensifying hold which allows each scoop to provide even more hold. So if you’re looking to achieve a stronger hold and look, don’t hold back with using another scoop or two.

I’ve seen lots of people use Monarch to achieve pompadours and quiffs. The choice is up to you on how you use Monarch, just know that it covers all bases!


Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade

This product has a bit of history to it. We originally launched Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade back in 2017 but due to unforeseen issues we had to stop the production of our pomade.

To keep a long story short, people were receiving our pomade but it came rock solid. Something was seriously wrong and we had to pull the plug.

Fast forward to our new reformulation and we couldn’t be happier about the outcome. A strong yet easily washable unorthodox water-based pomade. We took it another step and added 5 healthy hair ingredients because we care about your hair health. Fifth sample can easily be washed out with just water and will also leave your hair feeling soft and healthy.

A product that can give you a slick pompadour or swept style, this is, Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade.


The X factor

The great thing about our products are that they’re combo friendly. While you can use our products as a stand alone, we highly encourage the use of the combo of our products.

We’ve seen numerous amounts of people use the Original Styling Meraki as a pre-styler and finishing off with the Cavalier Heavy Clay. This combo produces amazing texture, hold and volume all day!

Another combo would be using Original Styling Meraki with Hybrid Cream Clay. This doesn’t produce as strong of a hold as the above combo, but it gives it that great pliable messy look that we all know and love.


But, wait!

you might say, “That can’t be it! I’m still not sure which one will work the best for what I want. What if I pick the wrong one?” The unfortunate truth is, you’ll never know if a product will work for you until you try it yourself, and even when you find one you like, it won’t make your hair perfect. 90% of styling your hair is in the preparation and blow-drying process. The finishing product is just that: a finishing touch. I would encourage you not to worry about being disappointed. Work with what you have first. Think about what you want out of a product, then get the one that seems to fit you the best. If you’re unhappy with the results, you’ll be one step closer to the perfect product for your style. Good luck!

Nathaniel Thompson
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