Why are we so quick to judge others?

Be Confident – Non verbally

Hey guys, I wanted to discuss this topic as I briefly went over it previously on my last article and I think this is something which is vital to your whole appearance.

So being confident non-verbally. It is very much easier said than done, I understand that a lot of us can feel very self-critical and put a lot of pressure on ourselves to meet society’s demands or reach the stereotypical standard that is considered acceptable.

What I want to say is that’s bullsh*t! I want to help you guys and those reading that it is not about meeting everyone else’s needs, but it is about making yourself feel good in how you dress, how you look, present yourself and how you speak.

I see it so much everyday and everywhere, people are shy or feel self-conscious about how they present themselves. I think each person should be whoever he or she wants to be; they should represent exactly what they want to and allow everyone else to embrace that. Whether that meets the other person’s standards or not, what is important is that you feel good in you. This is more than just your appearance, but you feel good in you and who you are.

I will be honest, I do see some people that have this approach and they can dress or speak in ways that put me on edge, or things, which I do not necessarily agree with, but it is not up to that person to satisfy my requirements and meet the standards of me. It’s about that person feeling comfortable in themselves, and knowing who they want to be.



A very important tip that I have learned and I think is good knowledge for anyone, is understanding prejudgment. It’s automatic in all of us. Apparently we judge people immediately the second we see them, give it 7 seconds and we have an opinion of that person, we have given them a personality and stereotype.

Where am I going with this? What I want to say is that prejudgment is something in all of us, which will never change, so you are not in control of your first judgment, but you are in control of the second! What do I mean by this? Basically, we meet all these people in our lifetime and judge them without speaking a word to them.

We should give them the opportunity to allow themselves to speak to you, or allow them time to explain. That way your judgment can completely change. For example, you see a homeless person, and we can already put stereotypes on them. They have put themselves in that situation or they are not willing to work and they drink, smoke and are involved in drugs. These are just some of our initial thoughts. But have we spoken to them? Have we given them the opportunity to explain themselves, allowed them to justify their reasons for their situation?

I have done this in the past and spoken to the homeless and by some means they do relate to the examples stated above, but a much higher majority are dealt a situation which they do not want to be in. They are trying all they can do to get their lives moving forward and in the right direction.

So what I want you to take from this is the next time you see someone in the street, school or work, though you have already judged him or her and given your own opinion on them, change that perspective and know that they may be something so different to what you think.


Take control of your judgment

We are not in control of the first prejudgment but we are in control of the second.

So why does that relate to confidence? Well if we are judging society and the people we are surrounded by, we are part of a stereotype where we must meet the needs and a standard. But who sets these standards? Do we do this ourselves? Celebrities? Social media? Does it fundamentally matter?

If we judge someone based on their appearance before we even speak a word to them, are we not encouraging this behavior? Shouldn’t we receive criticism in return?


Be confident of who you are

What I want you to understand, is that it is OK to judge people, a lot of this communication is non-verbal. It is in our heads, but we really should not let it be set in stone, we are simply scratching the surface. So I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and let your own confidence shine through – represent who you are. Others will judge, because it is automatic and easy to think but not say. However, they don’t know the truth behind you and nor should you let that change how you act just for them. You do YOU!

We have to understand that others will always have an opinion and think about us non-verbally. We should also understand the way we respond and act about how they think. By understanding the way we think, we can learn to see how others appreciate us and hold their opinions on us. I want to help you understand whether your appearance is something you are comfortable in or not, others will always have opinions. So, by all means, be who you want to be. Let others have their opinions and judgments, as long as you understand that it shouldn’t affect the way you are because in reality they’re being constantly judged too. We should all embrace who we are and want to be, which is the mindset we all should look to have.

Being confident does not always have to be reflected by leadership skills, or how you are in front of an audience. This is based on non-verbal confidence.

Another food for thought. How many people do we see throughout each day? Do we remember each and every person? Unless they do something that captures our attention, we 9 times out of 10 have already forgotten what they look like.

Honestly, you really don’t need to worry so much about others since you’re not considering them all that much yourself,  so why expect them to do the same? I get that in school this can sometimes be different or more difficult because you see a lot of the same people on a regular basis and particularly if you are out trying to impress someone out there.

What I will say is that when you’re being yourself, you’re true to you and being confident will send out a signal greater than trying to hide or change something that isn’t you. The earlier you see this the better you will feel. It really is extremely important to know what you want and finding yourself. 

I hope this has been useful and helps you to reflect on your own style, presentation, and confidence in what you wear and wish to show to the world. You have the power to make the opportunities and take strides in your life to put yourself where you want to go.

Take this with a pinch of salt if that’s easier, but learn to be confident in you. It is vital and will make you the best you can be.

Until my next one, take it easy guys.


Be True To What Makes You Different | The importance of being true to yourself

Be true to what makes you different.

That’s what is printed on the inside of the box that comes with every Blumaan Product. This week that phrase has been burned into my brain because today March 14th 2019, is the 25th birthday of the person that most defines that phrase to me, my little brother Tyler. 

For him staying true to his individual style, was as easy as breathing. It was an everyday thing for him to get up, style his shaggy hair and dress in colors and patterns that expressed his personality. It showed people exactly who he was.

Most days for him meant bright purple skinny jeans and a band t-shirt or a matching purple button-up. Everything on him was calculated from the piercings in his lip to his skateboard that was covered with panda stickers. His style wasn’t extremely crazy, it wasn’t lavish, but it was a direct reflection of him, and that’s why it’s important. 


Everything about him just screamed confidence to me and this is something I’ve tried to adapt for myself. Everything I do with my channel, the products I help design, my own style choices are all a reflection of the things I learned from him.

He taught me that your style is a direct reflection of your personality and you should always be true to that, even when people try and tell you that you shouldn’t. And they sure did with him.

Live Fearless

For a while, he was bullied a lot for the clothes he wore, the way he styled his hair ( the fact that he styled his hair at all was even something they would tease him over) but he never caved to the pressure. I remember one day specifically he had been suspended from school for fighting with another kid who had called him a very nasty name. After I picked him up and took him home I remember asking him if he thought it might be worth it to not wear the purple jeans (they apparently were the reason for the name calling) and I will never forget what he said to me: “Why should I stop? Why do I have to be afraid to wear something I like?”.

At the time that didn’t sink all the way into my brain, but much later it very much became the center of my thinking when it came to getting into grooming myself, and focusing my interest in photography and video into the ideals of expression that he taught me.

For Tyler, his outfits, his hair, his piercings- they were all tools of expression. A way to show people who he was, without words. We all have the opportunity to express ourselves in many ways including this one and just as he said, we should never be afraid to express ourselves in this way, or any other.

My little brother took his own life on September 29th, 2012. The biggest thing I have of him includes his senior photos that I took just 2 months before his death and when I see those photos I see someone who’s completely fearless and I think we all could benefit from hearing the message he tried sharing with the world for his 18 years.

So next time you go to the mirror and grab your jar of Original, or Cavalier – whatever the product may be. Ask yourself if you are being true to yourself and what makes you different.

“Its a tool for the soul and when you can touch someone’s soul, that’s limitless”-Steve Jobs

Happy Birthday little brother.









As a stylist, heres some advice…

Hey guys, I hope all is well and your hair game is on point. 

A stylist working at AllSaints

I wanted to bring some of my knowledge about Fashion to you all. I have background knowledge within the industry from my time working as a Stylist at AllSaints, but do note this is from a personal perspective. I will relate to other styles but understand that this is very much about personal experience, testing on what I feel works and what does not. I am not going to go into accessories, smart wear or loungewear but instead, this is more casual and streetwear.

What my style represents

So to give you an idea of my style, I believe your outfit should reflect your personality and your confidence. Your look is a statement and as much as focus on hair, your outfit will be equal to or more important than your hairstyle. What’s best is to marry the two and create an overall outstanding look and image on how you want to present yourself.

My style and image are very much to have a professional and sophisticated look to it, but also monotone and rustic feeling. My style is more edgy, I prefer to wear more natural colors overall and have the fit on point.

So to give you an idea of that, one of my favorite colors is clay/taupe. I will wear a jacket, either a leather biker jacket or a statement piece like a T-shirt that is fitted to the body but hangs a little lower. I prefer a wide collar rather than a true crew neck, skinny jeans with some distress and then finish it off with trainers for a little more casual (something like Adidas Stan Smiths) or boots (Chelsea or military) for a dressier look.

What I would say is important with your style is that everything is well fitted but not skin tight. Let the clothing you wear reflect your body shape and show off your best assets. Since we always want our hair game strong, let’s match that with your outfit.

Something I’ve learned while being a stylist

That is a quick overview of what I like since I have experience in styling through AllSaints. My opinion will be ever so slightly biased, but I don’t feel for a second that it is a bad thing.

I am actually more against big brand logo clothing and publically showing that off. I prefer something to fit you well and for people to see that. So I apologize to those that like Supreme written everywhere, or Gucci displayed. That is something I actually stray away from. You might catch me with a brand logo every once in a while, but the logo itself will most likely be small and not ginormous.

What being a stylist means to me 

Something I think I should point out, I understand that a variety of viewers reading this come of all different ages, I should say that I am 26 years old. My style suits my age and location, so a lot of what I say is probably going to be more aimed towards people aged 21 up. I understand that all ages can wear what I recommend but I know fashion and style for the young is currently really expressive. Whether it’s something oversized, bold and bright or completely unique. By all means, continue to do what makes you feel comfortable and how you want to express yourself. For me though, I like to be more rustic and have attitude.

Inspirations to my style

In terms of my style inspirations, I would have to say, David Beckham.

Given his modeling career, he has the biker vibe attitude with the leather jacket and quite simple but effective outfit choices. The interesting thing is without even meaning to, my fashion sense relates so much to his without meaning to, or without a clear and distinct aspiration. Over time and experimenting, I have just felt this is what I find best suits me and my current lifestyle.

A more recent model I do like and it may be worth looking into is Daniel ‘Magic_fox’ on Instagram.

I do really enjoy his look and outfit combos. He does wear pieces that are probably more colorful than I usually like, but what I think is important with fashion is to understand your statement piece. Something like a checked shirt or an ‘out there’ color piece like a fashion accessory – for example, a watch, necklace or chain.

Make your confidence shine through your style

Going into a little more detail about what I wear and how I wear it, it’s essential to feel confident in your choices. Own your look and do take pride in your outfit.

I completely understand those that feel self-conscious and feel judgment is massive in today’s world, by all means, it is, but don’t let that stop you from being who you are.

Do what you want to do and aspire to be what you want. As stated above, my style is very minimalist and rustic, using earthy colors as my main source. But if you feel you prefer something much bolder, then, by all means, you do you. That could be several pieces or just a single one. The importance of feeling comfortable in your outfit is so much more than the pieces you are wearing, how you portray that to the world will tell everyone what you feel.

On many occasions, I have worn outfits that go against the grain of my style and look, but I rock it! Go with it and have fun, whatever the occasion. Generally in these situations, rather than have others judge you or think less of you, they can actually become jealous and envious! I know our aim is not to get others to think negatively of us, but our aim is to have them thinking ‘wow’ or ‘impressive’. What I can say is that your own confidence is so much more important than what it is you wear. Just let that shine through your persona.

Wear clothing that fits you and your style

You probably have a general idea of my look in your head now. One thing I will mention is that you should wear clothing that fits you and your style. I’ve styled clients in a way that always benefited their body shape.

I think anyone can be styled and dressed well when you use the angles and body shape of the person. For me, I have quite an athletic build and I do train a lot in the gym so I do want to flaunt off what I can, but I don’t wear an extra small t-shirt to do this. I wear clothing that fits me properly but it shows off the assets which I have, and for me, my shoulders are one of my best body parts so when I wear t-shirts they are slim on the body to taper in around the waist. They have a wider neckline and sometimes I will wear a short sleeve rather than a standard tee.

These things are all part of some simple tricks to help show off a muscle group I have, but the t-shirt itself does not look tight or too small around the rest of my body. I think for anyone thinking to do similar, find out what it is your looking to show off and then think of ways that you can provide that.

Again you need to find your confidence to know what you want to rock. By all means, be experimental and wear things with a bit of pride. As cliché as it sounds, it is the truth!

What I have to say may not apply to everyone. Be confident and find your style.

I know when I write about this, I may speak in general terms or become expansive. This is because it can be very difficult to go very intricate into this topic of style and fashion. Sometimes what you read may be the opposite of what you’re looking to learn or read about. Plus it’s not for everyone to dress the same way I do.

I want to apply ideas and knowledge that you can take away and apply in your own manner. Individuality is fundamental, so go with what you like and what feels right. Just take this information and apply it to your circumstances. Not everyone has an endless budget to work with; some will be more than others. But understand what you want to go for and create your own style.

Well, I think by now you have a good idea of my personal style and what it took to get to this style point in my life. If you guys want to ask me any questions or get some tips, pop a message to me over facebook or leave a comment on this post.

All the best guys, until the next time.


My Bad Haircut Experience

We Never See It Coming

We never see it coming. You enter the barbershop with a pep in your step, ready to get a fresh haircut. You sit down in the chair of your usual shop, full of those positive thoughts and a look in your eye that says “let’s do this”.

Your barber pulls the clippers like a gunslinger, he really looks like he’s on his game today. He attacks your grown out fade like a cheetah seizing its prey. Everything seems to be coming together perfectly. Perhaps you begin to fantasize about all the awesome styling days to come..

but then.. you see it.

Of course the barber isn’t saying a word, he may not even be breathing. He doesn’t want to alarm you, but he knows what’s going on. And as he begins to turn you around to face the mirror, you see it too. The cold breath of the ghost of haircuts past creeps over your face as you lock eyes with the person you once knew. “Who is this person?” you think to yourself, as the shock floats over you. Your eyes fill with the widened electric remorse as the realization finds its way to your cerebellum.

You just got a bad haircut.

As the barbershop stops and holds a moment of silence for their botched brother, and you sit frozen in disbelief, pondering everything from ugly crying, to time travel- you then begin to find the first words that naturally expel themselves from your lips, “what the &%$# am I going to do?”

My Sad Tale

Recently I had my own unfortunate incident and I wanted to share what I did in this terrible occurrence, in the hopes that maybe it would help some of you. You see, much like the others we pay tribute to, I had a terrible experience in the salon chair. It all started with the idea to get a cut like Arthur from the show ‘Peaky Blinders’ its a great cut, I was super excited to try it out. I spend days looking at photos and picturing how awesome the photos were going to turn out, completely forgetting the most important thing..I have probably the worse shaped head for this haircut.

The thought never even crossed my mind that this cut would look bad on me until the end when I saw the final result and the feeling of panic began to rain over me. It looked horrible. Now, this is just one scenario where a bad haircut is a result. The other, more probable scenario is when you choose a good haircut for you ( or return to get “the usual”) and it turns out bad. These tips will help you just the same.

Beware The Frosted Tips

The first thing I did, which was probably the hardest thing to do, and that was not to overreact. I resisted the urge to overreact, knowing full well that overreacting can lead quickly to further mistakes, like a buzzed head, or frosted tips. 

I remember sitting there thinking that I just needed to buzz it all off. Just hit the reset button. Luckily tho, I forced myself to not overreact, and this is what you should do here as well. Take a step back, breathe, think of a happier place, and remember this: somewhere, someplace there’s a guy with a rat tail, and he thinks it looks awesome. No matter how bad your haircut may be, I can assure you that it doesn’t look as bad as a rat tail. 



Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The second thing I did here, which I think is also a tip I can offer you, is to talk to your stylist/barber. Resist the urge to be confrontational or rude to them, chances are they are just as upset as you are about the haircut. We need to remember that in cases where you went in for “the usual” and ended up with “the unusual” that sometimes our hair maintenance professionals are human, and sometimes things happen. Sometimes they are aware of mistakes and sometimes their not. Talking to them and sharing your feedback is the easiest way to start the process of rebuilding. In situations where the barber/stylist made a mistake, talking to them can enlighten you on whether or not something can be done to fix the situation, and if you need to be finding a new place to get a haircut.

The biggest thing I always stress to people in this situation is not to just immediately quit on your barber when things go wrong, talk to them and give them feedback so next time things will be much better. There are situations however that this doesn’t apply to and sometimes the cut is SO bad that you just need to run…like Forrest Gump type run. This is also why we have the third action that I took, and a third tip for those of you keeping score.


Worst Case Scenario

Tip #3 is to get a second opinion or a hat. This is really only for the worst-case scenarios like your cut is SUPER bad. If you just ended up like I did,  which was basically just a glorified paint brush haircut- then I suggest you just make very good friends with hats. Hats, in this case, are your best friend. I spent about 2 weeks hiding my head until the sides grew back and I was then able to go back to Tip#2 and discuss it with my stylist, and thus get things back on track, turning the bad haircut into Lord Voldemort.

Circling back to our second opinion, If needed-this could be a true style saver. Another barber/stylist with a fresh set of eyes not only can tell you how bad the situation really is, but they can tell you what the options are. I like to think of a buzz cut as the worst possible case scenario, and getting a second opinion can really open your eyes to another option that maybe you haven’t considered yet. Who knows, you may even find yourself a new barber this way if you end up needing one! I didn’t end up doing this myself, I actually just wore a hat until it all grew back. I kind of hid from the world for a couple weeks, but I realized that some of you may end up needing a second opinion if you end up in the worst case scenario, so that’s what I would do in that situation.

Remember in the end hair is just hair, it does grow back. Unless your Voldemort..I got nothing for that dude.


Also if you’d like some additional tips on what to do when you get a bad haircut, check out this previous bluprints post here.

My Hair Routine – Scott Lawrence


Hi guys, it’s Scott from the Blumaan Community, nice to meet you. I’m here today to talk about my hair routine and give you a guide that you can follow.



I am writing a guide today to explain the process and what I do on a day-to-day basis when it comes to styling my hair.

First, I thought it would be good to give you a little bit of a background on myself, who I am and what I do each day.

So I’m 26, living in Bath, UK. I work in the financial sector full time; I am fashion focused, take care with my appearance and always come across professional and approachable. I do of course take care of my hair and always look after it and have it styled. I used to work in the fashion brand company Allsaints as a Stylist, so I have a sense of fashion within that area too. Lifestyle, I focus very much on exercise in the gym, staying healthy and trying to live a positive life at all times.

So that is a brief introduction into me, but moving onto the purpose of this blog and why you came here, the guide on what I do everyday with my hair.



I wake up and my hair is literally all over the shop! Fluffy when it is freshly washed, or just generally crazy otherwise. I always have a shower, so it resets the platform and the basis of my hair when I get out, I then towel dry it down to take away most of the water but leaving it damp, comb it back and set it for blow drying.

At this point, I start drying from the back, my crown specifically and then work forwards. I don’t use an attachment; simply prefer the normal head on a hairdryer. As it is getting drier, I tend to tilt forward and lean over the heat. Being quite sporadic with it, letting it go in all directions. Then towards the end, I start setting it into position and the direction I want it to be in. My reason is because I believe getting the heat into the hair and setting the basis of my style needs to have the volume. Once I have that, I can finish it with how I want it to look.

If I have the time, I will use the cool setting to lock the hair in place much more, but most the time I do not have the time to do this, so once I have dried the hair fully, I literally leave it for a few minutes to cool down on it’s own, plus I should make you aware that I do not use the hottest setting on my hairdryer or put it super close to the hair, I would say the closest I get is 3cm away. No closer than that.



As for the post styling and products I like to use, I am a big fan of texturizing powder, I tend to apply this evenly but lightly all over, giving it yet another base to work from, helps increase the volume and lift for the hair, but most importantly, creating that texture! I then go in with my actual product, right now with my style, I love using a clay and my go to’s are either Blumaan Cavalier Clay or Duke and Hyde Hybrid Clay.

I prefer to use Cavalier on maybe day 1 and 2, whereas Hybrid clay is good for day 2/3/4. After that point, I reset it all and wash my hair again. With the product, I apply it evenly throughout and I do proper get into my hair, some might think its rough, but I want to get into the base of the root and from the bottom of the strand to the top. Then it is a case of working with what I have already set in place from the hairdryer, powder and what my intentions are. Using this method, I can always come out with a great style every time, maybe not the first day as I hate day 1 hair personally, always super fluffy and I like a slight bit of build up so day 2 and 3 hair is best for me.


The Result

With that, I always get an ever-lasting hairstyle for the day, it is workable and can be changed throughout, with the powder and the clay, even in windy conditions, which it is all the time here in the UK. You can always work your style back in or even better, the style develops throughout the day and more texture is put in over time. Literally for me it always works and I find it a solid process, here is abit of context as well, in my job, I have to wear a headset a lot of the time when taking calls or making them, so I constantly have my hair moving around, but thanks to the powder and the clay, my hair almost has a bounce back effect to it.

Well there it is, no super secrets that I use, or nothing to fancy but a straightforward and effective guide on what I do day by day with styling.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and let me know what you think, if you want to try this method out, let me know how you get on or what you would do differently and what your results are like.

Thanks for your time guys and hope to catch up with you in the next one.


Stop wasting your time and focus on your goals

Your way up to your goals will come with its sets of difficulties, challenges and distractions. These distractions might linger for longer period affecting your success. It is, thus, advisable to keep them in check before they get in your way of success.

It’s your ability to stay focused that serves as a critical factor in deciding your success or failure. Setting your goals and achieving them is imperative and focus is the key to reach there.

Here are 5 essential tips that can come in handy when it comes to managing distraction, eliminating opportunities for procrastination, and drawing healthy boundaries.


Before you are off to bed, make up your mind about all the things you need to get done by the end of next day. It could range from deciding on your costume, lunch, or picking up the dry cleaning on your way home.

Make a verdict that you won’t waste your time scrolling down social media switching from one platform to another, before you get all the items ticked off in that to-do list. Stick to your schedule and do your best to check off the maximum number of tasks.

This way, you won’t forget anything important you were supposed to do. Getting into the habit of planning your day in advance will help you avoid getting sidetracked and wasting time and energy on things that are irrelevant.



The way to your success doesn’t necessarily requires the hard work. Sometimes, it’s getting your work done in a smart manner rather than working hard.

Break down your goal into several small goals and make your way up to the ultimate goal by conquering those small goals first. Do not keep putting off most difficult duties for later. Instead take command and begin with the tasks that are troubling and breaking them apart.

Try getting these vital tasks done in the morning itself as our mind is sharpest and fresh in the morning. Once these important tasks are over, we can relax without having to worry about them anymore. It saves you a lot of energy, mental strain and time.



Self assessment is the key to exactly catching the glitches that are causing you to be distracted. These distractions are not real emergencies and don’t need your response, in most cases.

Figure out performing which activities make you slack off. Once you tackle down the issues, you can easily come up with solutions. Set a time period for these activities.

Until then, give your full concentration to utmost important tasks. You can reward yourself after completion of any important tasks. This way, you are motivated to reach your rewards.



If you find yourself extremely unmotivated and bored in the middle of your responsibilities, take a quick break. Take a brisk break to restore your energy. That way you’ll find it easy to aim your focus back.

Do anything that works best for you. It could be listening to your favorite song, dancing, taking a walk, talking to your friends or anything else that reenergizes you. Keep a check on your health from time to time, including the food and water intakes. Arrange a routine with these affairs as your health and well-being comes first.



Create a vision board, written note, an imaginative movie, or some system that serves as a continuous reminder of what you are working towards. This alone is enough to serve as a motivator and encouragement to keep walking in the right direction.

Suppose that your goal is to shed those extra pounds and fit into your favorite dress pair of jeans. Have a clear vision of what you would look and feel like the moment you are actually wearing those jeans. Set some time to visualize this goal on a daily basis. The more details you can put in, the better it prompts you.

Imagine if just the thought of achieving that goal can make you feel this happy, how ecstatic it can potentially make you the day you actually meet that goal. Trust us, this journey will be totally worth it.

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