Understanding Clay and Clay hair products

So we all know that clays are one of the most popular products to use when it comes to styling our hairs. This is not the same for everyone and it is completely based on preferences and what works for you. But a high majority of people do find that clays are one of the most versatile and adaptive styling products to work with.


What is clay?

What makes Clay so good to work within our hair? Well for a start, many clay’s contain either one of these key ingredients or even better, more than one – kaolin, bentonite or beeswax. Barring the beeswax, the key being in the name, the other two are actual forms of clay.

Clay comes in a variety of strength and shine, the majority aim to be a high hold and low shine to matte finish. But this does lead back to the versatility of them; they can be more a medium hold to some and have an increased amount of shine compared to others. Knowing this helps to generate a wider picture of what you want from the product and also helps to gauge the outcome

I am going to try my best to stay away from mentioning any specific products here as there is simply so many to choose from and the whole purpose of you reading this is to gain a better knowledge as a general, rather than thinking about just one product, you can take this information and use it to go out and find your perfect clay.


Who are clay products for?

The term ‘clay products’ are more aimed at people with the hair type being thick and dense. But I don’t truly believe this is always the case. Having thin hair does not eliminate you altogether from them, by far the opposite, a decent clay can provide said thin hair with a platform to either thicken the strands or help get to the roots and provide amazing texture to enhance your style.

One of the key things that should be mentioned about clay and a high amount of its users is they want to obtain the texture. This is always a key feature in anyone’s style. It is all well and good having a nice haircut, or even nice style, but it is texture that is seen to take your style to the next level.

For myself, I actually have quite thin individual strands of hair, yet a lot of it, so it is quite dense, so I can relate to those with thinner hair. I am just sort of in both ships, not thick but am dense but thin per strand. So I can relate to both.


How do I use clay products?

So understanding your hair type does not restrict you from clay, check. Knowing whether it is medium or high hold with a matte or semi-shine finish, check. So this is probably some of the key points to be made, but what hasn’t been mentioned yet and something that I do very regularly when using clay is to mix it with another product!

So some may find they get the texture with clay alone, but find the hold temperamental. Regarding the product you use and then the length of your hair. The longer your hair, the less control and hold your hair is going to naturally have, since it will weigh itself down and also over the course of the day, it will move around through the weather, wearing a hood, general movement, and headphones.

So to help reduce this matter, you can combo clay with other products, such as powders, hair sprays, serums, conditioners or pre-styling products. To briefly go over it, for me powder is a pre-styler with the clay being the final stage, helping create the basis, enhancing the texture and the hold. A hair spray is a finisher, used to lock down the style in place, dependent on how much is used will increase the shine. A serum is a pre-styler before blowdrying, making the hair much smoother and silky. Conditioners can be considered similar but will make the hair that much softer. Then a pre-styling product is the first stage of the hairstyle, helping with hold, texture and setting platform in place. So yeah, we got a lot to work with!


Clay products – water or oil based?

What else needs to be understood about them is whether they are water based or oil based. This will determine how often you will need to wash your hair.

I actually like a little bit of build up from the previous day, personally, I find that adds to the hold and texture for me. I’m not saying it is dirty by any means, I get my hair wet every time I shower and rinse it through, plus I shower twice a day, but I probably only shampoo and condition my hair maybe once to twice a week.

But understanding if it is water based or oil based will show through in the use of the product, from above, it will make you aware of how often you need to wash your hair and how it actually feels to run your fingers through. As a general guide, water-based contains Aqua/H2O (water) and oil-based contains petrolatum. All of the above is relevant knowing this, but just to mix it up, some special products could contain both!


Which hair types work with clay products?

One of the final things I think you need to consider now really is your hair type, not the density but if you have straight, wavy or curly hair. What I say next will not come as surprise but clay works with them all! I have straight hair, so can speak straight away that it works amazing for my hair (pun intended). Wavy hair it will only develop and improve your hairstyle. Curly is where it gets a little harder, depending on your style and length is whether clay is best, I would say a shorter style is more suited as it will get in there and help with definition and separation. Something a little longer may prove more difficult but that’s where the combinations mentioned above can really help you out.


I think we have discussed this one for quite a while now, so if you made it this far, well done and thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, but most importantly, I hope this has taught something so you can take it away and it will help you decide on your next clay product and understanding what you want from the product itself.

Until the next one, peace out and always have your hair on point.

The Biggest Lies – Beauty & Grooming Edition


The beauty world is a very complex and competitive place. There are numerous counts of misconceptions and lies coming from big beauty brands that are used to boast marketing campaigns. Where the truth of the matter is, it’s just a lie and it’s taken a different perspective because of it.

As Joe mentions, it’s prevalent to see fear mongering and beauty brands deliberately using these misconceptions to their advantage. We’ll explore in this blog post why they’re employed and what the purpose is.


Safe and Unsafe Ingredients

I love to hear that things are natural and organic, who doesn’t? It means it’s good for you, wont harm your hair and certainly will help hair health. However, what you’re probably not seeing is that these cosmetic companies are inflating that fear factor surrounding chemicals and how they can be toxic. I’m not saying all companies are doing this, but more now than before. The reason why these beauty companies would make these chemicals seem more scary is so they can more effectively market their own brand as natural and organic.

Joe’s main point being:

Just because something is more naturally based doesn’t automatically mean it’s better.

There are regulations that cosmetic companies still need to comply with and this pertains to how they label their products. Mislabeling is prohibited and everything needs to be laid out. Companies are using this and redirecting the names of these ingredients towards a negative context. If companies can’t hide what’s in their products, they must change the way people view them.

For example – mineral oil has a bad reputation as being a pore clogging, potentially cancer causing nasty substance. However, it’s a very popular ingredient to use in skin care and hair products but why is that? Well, one reason is because mineral oil is super cheap.

But if you google mineral oil cosmetics there’s article after article that attempt to stir up fear around this ingredient. When cosmetic companies use mineral oil, they have to make sure that they are using a highly purified and highly refined version of mineral oil. In this highly purified state – the mineral oil in question shouldn’t be causing any short or long term damage. Now, do we live in a perfect world where everyone abides by every rule? No – but for the most part, these regulations are followed. It’s now the companies that are twisting what the ingredients do that appeal to the masses. Going back to the words natural and organic. 

Dermatologists have stated that by using a highly refined mineral oil, which means removing toxins and impurities also takes care of the cancer causing concerns and in fact – mineral oil in cosmetics have never been proven too cause cancer. In this refined state it’s actually proven to be extremely moisturizing, in fact – sometimes so moisturizing that it can start feeling oily or greasy on your skin which is the only real downside. I gave mineral oil as an example but you can apply this same argument for pretty much any skin-care ingredient that people claim to be unsafe or toxic. Within reason of course.

Sulfates & Parabens

We’ve touched on these two ingredients before so I’ll cut to the main points of this area of discussion.

People love talking about cancer causing ingredients and this question extends to sulfates as well. As usual, there have been studies conducted and no proof to back up potential cancer causing claims. A legitimate issue that some people face with sulfates is dryness, itchiness and irritation in the scalp region – this is mostly for people that have sensitive skin. Creating a sulfate free alternative does not simply fall under marketing hype and misconceptions, but there are benefits to sulfate free shampoos.

Make sure that you do your research because some companies that switch out the sulfate ingredient simply replace it with something that’s just as harsh or something that’s even worse. 

Parabens main purpose is to preserve your products and keep them fresh for longer – which is a good thing.  The main concern?  Once again linked to cancer.  Parabens have been found in certain cancers so the question comes – are parabens cancer causing, or, are they simply found in cancers? This is a bit unknown at the moment and studies are still being done but regardless of that answer, the truth of the matter is that parabens are used in such small minute doses that they fall well below the safety regulation and are pretty much completely fine in your cosmetic ingredients.  So when it comes to parabens, it’s simply another fear mongering tactic to make a product sound better by saying they don’t use them. 


Man Made vs Natural

This is quite similar to what I had mentioned above with safe and unsafe ingredients. Purely labeling natural ingredients as healthy and man-made as chemicals is a misconception in itself. Are ingredients by themselves not classified as chemicals?  For example, Shea butter aka Butyrospermum ParkII. 

Something to think about is that these chemists would make man made ingredients in order to enhance the performance of products that are not achievable from just natural elements. They would also use these chemicals to bring the cost down from their products. In reality you get both good and bad in each category.


Behind the Scenes: Monarch Matte Paste

Monarch Matte Paste; a product that gives you weightless control, effortless application and medium intensifying hold. Basically, a product that is easy to apply and gives great strength to style or re-style through the day.

We’re very proud to have Monarch Matte Paste join the BluMaan product line. Planning and developing this product took many months. From countless revisions, to figuring out the name, It was not easy.

Our main priority is always you. Keeping in mind what our hair fans and enthusiasts look for in a product. We constantly read opinions about products that work for thick hair and those that work for thin. So we began to think about a product that could tackle both thick and thin hair. One that is easy to apply, wash out and maintain it’s hold throughout the day.

Let’s be honest, there’s not one product that could work for all hair types and we’re not saying our product does, but I can say that this product is pretty amazing.


The Goal

Finding the perfect balance between ease of use and good amount of hold/texture


Is it really a Matte Paste?

We’ve added two clay ingredients, Kaolin and Bentonite. These ingredients help the overall texture ability of Monarch while working seamlessly into your hair.

Monarch Matte Paste also contains natural butters like Shea Butter; this helps with keeping your scalp moisturized while also reducing flaking due to dryness.


The Problem

So what’s the problem we’re trying to solve? Not everyone needs or wants a product that has a heavy hold. The downside is that especially for people with thin/fine hair it may weigh the hair down.

We aimed to create a product that was first easy to apply with no pulling and tugging. Then focused on making the product perform well and give a really good hold.


The Solution

We focused intensely on making a product that was seamless to apply but gave a great hold and pliability.

Monarch Matte Paste gives weightless control, medium intensifying hold and effortless smooth application. It feels airy in the hair and adding more to gain strength does not weigh down your hair.


Working Closely with our lab

I made sure that things were on track, so I took a trip to our lab to really make sure that the quality we promise you guys are being met. I made sure things like ingredients were being mixed properly as well as the cooling process to ensure that the product comes out the way we want it.

Here’s a cool video of the product during the cooling process:


Weightless Control

What do you mean? Monarch Matte Paste is proven to be a product that stays light in your hair and helps control and tame your hair. All those flyaways and strands will be easy to manage with Monarch.

We wanted to develop a product that felt like nothing was in your hair but still have the pliability to style your hair with or without a pre-styler. That’s what we mean by Weightless Control


Medium Intensifying Hold

Intensifying? Yes. Meaning the more you use the stronger it can become. The great thing about Monarch Matte Paste is that even if you add more you wont have hair that feels greasy. It’s already quite strong for thinner hair types and adding more is likely for those with thicker hair.

Our expert testers have mentioned that with or without a pre-styler, they were able to achieve a great hairstyle that could be re-styled easily throughout the day.

I can firmly say that using Monarch Matte Paste as a post styler will yield a really strong hold, texture and volume.


Effortless & Smooth Application

Tugging, pulling, greasy, and heavy are just some of the more popular adjectives/actions used to describe products that people stay away from. These products can be a pain sometimes. They’re probably harder to wash out and make your hair look unnatural or too dry.

One aspect we really wanted to focus on was application. One important question we asked ourselves was: “Why do people associate easy application to lighter hold hair products?” With this in mind, we wanted to create a product that had an easy application but have medium to strong hold.


Get your Monarch Matte Paste Here.


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Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade UPDATE

The Very Beginning

At the start, Joe and the BluMaan team at the time wanted to create a special type of Pomade. There were a lot of pomades out there but none seemed to work for Joe.

We started to reach out to home brewers like Steve and Nicole Lockhart as well as Clayton Odoud from Odouds who helped guide us in the right direction. James Bui aka The Pomp also had some good input in the direction of Fifth Sample.

It wasn’t just about the product itself but it was a creative, coming together from different parts of the world to work on something we all loved.  One thing we all knew is that we loved hair and taking care of it. So that was the basis.

When it was all settled, all the things we never expected did happen and mistakes were made. We stopped selling our pomade and went back to the drawing board.

Update 03.22.2018 What happened to our Pomade?

Our pomade is on its way back! I know you all have been waiting and we’re working heavily on getting it into your hands. But you’re probably wondering what happened?

Expect the unexpected. We definitely did not expect our pomades to solidify during the transportation process, and got we burned because of it.


What happened?

Simply put, our pomade behaved unexpectedly when we shipped it to our customers. They were arriving rock hard, and this occurred numerous times as we received feedback via customer service.

Although those who received the product in a non-solid state loved it, we are not the type of company to ignore those who received “hockey pucks”. Rather than brushing the issue under the carpet, we went back to square one with a fine tooth comb.

We appreciate all feedback, whether good or bad. It hasn’t been an easy journey to restore Fifth Sample, but we’ve been focused and determined on fixing and improving it. It has taken some time, but we’re finally on track!


Moving Forward with Pomade

Our biggest road block has been duplicating the original formula. We worked with several labs, but the product was always too heavy or too light, none were quite right. Also, certain ingredients tend to be harder to acquire and some may be discontinued. There’s a ton of work that goes into reformulation, it’s not as simple as mixing in ingredients.

Although it was difficult, we kept at it and have finally found the perfect balance of hold, smooth application, creamy consistency, and natural shine. We think you’re going to enjoy this one.

Don’t worry, we’ve kept all of the nourishing ingredients too. Your hair will feel soft and smooth after washing out this pomade, which is what you’ve come to expect from Fifth Sample. We’re getting really close to the finish line on the re-release of Fifth Sample, so please stay tuned!

As always, subscribe to our emails to get the latest updates on Fifth Sample.

Update 10.27.2018 - The Return of the Fifth

Some of you might be asking, why is it the return of our Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade? Well if you click the Update 03.22.2018  you’ll find out that this is a new reformulation of an older version.

For those of you who have an idea or have been following us from the beginning, you know what had happened to our Pomade. First of all we here at the BluMaan HQ just want to thank you for sticking with us, I know it took some time but we’re finally happy to have Fifth Sample back into your hands.

So what’s different? After countless testing with pomade and hair experts we finally concluded on a formula that touched all bases on what we originally wanted to achieve – Hair healthy ingredients, high hold, water based and a new low shine finish.

Our main focus was to bridge the gap between oil based pomades and water based. We felt that there needed to be an in between that carried characteristics of both. We loved the strong holds of oil based pomades but at the same time, we loved the washability of a water based.


Hair health

This is something extremely important to us specifically so we made it our mission to include hair healthy ingredients that would leave your hair smoother than ever before. Our goal was to create a pomade to help you style and make your hair feel healthy.

Healthy hair ingredients include: Biotin, Grape Seed Oil, Soy Keratin, Panthenol, Silk amino acid.

After using Fifth sample, these ingredients will create a styling mask on your hair. What does this mean? Since it’s easy to wash out with water, you’ll notice your hair becoming smoother after every wash.



We wanted our pomade to have a high hold just like an oil based pomade. Fifth Sample will never harden or crust on you. It will allow you to restyle your hair with a comb or with your hands.



Our original formula left a fairly high shine finish. But after some feedback, you guys let us know that we should tone down on the shine. So we’ve created our Fifth Sample as a low shine edition.


More Fifth Sample in every Jar

Yes, we’ve made the Jar  3.7oz in size.


Launch Date

November 7, 2018

Live Launch at 12pm


Launch date announcement


November 7, 2018

Live Launch at 12pm on the BluMaan Youtube Channel



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