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3 Shampoos You Need To Check Out NOW

A Clean Foundation

Shampoos and Conditioners, for me are the basis for my styling routine. A good set of cleansers have really become the key for me to finding success in styling and id even go as far as to say my routine and style depends on them. I wash my hair everyday, sometimes twice a day and when I tell people that usually people I get a bit an eyebrow raise..everyday? isn’t that too much? Doesn’t that damage your hair? Thats usually immediate reaction I get, and always I tell people no! Washing everyday is not bad at all, in fact ive never had healthier hair than I do right now and I owe it all to the amazing cleansers I have been discovering within my Shampoo Search segment over on my channel.

The next question I always get usually is “What Shampoo Do You Recommend?” and usually I say theres really too much, and thats absolutely true. Theres a million shampoos out there and it was really hard for me to choose 3… too hard actually so what I decided to do here is break it down to 3 Shampoo types, with of course recommendations for each type. These are the 3 types of shampoos I think everyone needs to have equipped in their arsenal at all times.

Heavy Cleansers

These are the heavy lifters of the routine. When you have product buildup, including oil based pomades, clays, waxes etc. A heavy cleanser is your best friend. The most common thing for me is actually too much oil buildup on my hair and scalp. After one day of missed washing, my hair becomes almost greasy and a heavy cleanser is exactly what keeps me on track.

What qualifies a shampoo as a heavy cleanser? Well as we will learn in a second with Light Cleansers ( spoiler alert ), some cleansers are designed to either partially, or fully strip the hair of oils, and other things. Heavy Cleansers obviously are the latter and the easiest way to tell what you have is to just read the bottle, and or the brands website. Light Cleansers will often times be called cleansing oil, or they will have a description that discusses how they dont fully strip the hair or they might call it a “gentle cleanser”. if it doesn’t discuss anything like that then it should she a heavy cleanser. You can also make this determination by looking at ingredients ( I’m not talking about Parabens & Sulfates ) usually cleansers that contain things like Activated Charcoal are heavy cleansers, an example of this is the “Musk Have” Beard & Shampoo cleansing duo from the Groomed Man Co. They contain activated charcoal to clean the hair & beard and they also contain additional ingredients to leave the hair fully cleansed and feeling amazing. Some additional recommendations for this category would be theRUSH set from By Vilain, and the PURE set from TheSalonGuy.

Light Cleansers

These are obviously the opposite of the heavy cleansers we just discussed. When you break these all the way down, these are focused more on health than cleaning, while still cleaning of course. These are also for people who dont want to wash everyday with a full heavy cleanser, these are great for that because they keep the hair looking good enough while also enhancing the overall health. Just like heavy cleansers too these are all different, the Activated Oil Cleanser from Shehvoo, for example goes into the hair and leaves natural oils intact, while removing everything else. This allows for a very healthy presentation thats never dry, or brittle.

The downside to these that ive seen though, is some of them have trouble removing some types of product. If the product is water soluble usually its not an issue, but for other products that are harder to remove, or ones that need shampoo support to remove, these can inhibit that a bit.

Problem Solvers

There are situations sometimes that call for haircare items outside the standard maintenance products that I already discussed. Usually for me that includes those times where my scalp gets a bit flakey, or itchy and times where its feeling a bit dry (usually after I have it colored). For those  dry, itchy times, a dandruff shampoo is needed to help remedy that right away. The issue here of course is theres a million dandruff shampoos and when it comes to these you really want one thats going to both work, and not destroy your hair. The ones I found that really do this, and do it well is Nizoral, and Selsun Blue. I have tried others like Head & Shoulders, and I believe when it comes to the actual problem of dandruff, it works great but when it comes to my hair, it always leave it feeling dry and crispy.

Nizoral and Selsun Blue, are a bit more forgiving on the hair. Of course conditioner and a leave in conditioner are needed here as  well to help deflect any dryness and usually thats enough to work well for me. I absolutely ONLY use a shampoo like this if I need to. 

The other problem I mentioned here is dryness. This usually for me occurs after I get my hair dyed at the salon, and its feeling a tiny bit dry. A hair mask or treatment here is usually the perfect remedy to this problem and its so easy to use. The Keune Bond Fusion treatment for example just calls for application to your hair before shampooing. You just run some into your hair, rinse, and then shampoo and condition as usual and really the closest thing to having a magic health reset button for your hair.

The Scary Bits

These days people will tell you to stay away from all sorts of scary ingredients, and if you noticed I didn’t mention any of this here at all. The reason for that is, I have found that most of the time Parabens, Sulfates and even things like Silicones are really just things people either dont understand, or are things they have been misled to fear. Sure, in some cases these can make the hair feel pretty bad ( I’m looking at you Head & Shoulders) but not all Paraben’s & Sulfates are the same, and each formula is different,  so if you avoid these ingredients all together,  all you will do in the  end is leave yourself open to missing something that could potentially change your hair forever!

This is how I handle these things- I try it! I put it in my hair and just give it a try. If at the end my hair feels like it could rub together and start a fire, I stop using it right away. If it makes it feel soft, nourished and clean (clean is important) then I continue using it, no matter what the ingredients are.

In the end its all about finding the best care for your hair and no matter what you really just have to start by choosing something and testing it out. When it comes down to it, I dont really think there is a “best shampoo” out there because when you break things down all the way shampoos clean, and conditioners condition. The good ones all do it well and leave the hair soft and perfectly set up for styling and the bad ones  dont. The only real recommendations I can make is by sharing with you the ones who made the cut for me, and the ones that didnt.

I hope these recommendations help you take your haircare to the next level.

Happy Styling!


Why a Custom Shampoo could be the thing you never knew you needed

The problem with Shampoos

Imagine the last time you went shampoo shopping. You get to the grocery store and you see all these options sitting there staring you in the face, each one attempting to catch your attention and earn your buck. You decide on one, maybe you think the price is right, or you like the label. Either way you have made a choice, which should be celebrated as a victory in itself based on how many options there were. Then you get home and you try your latest purchase, only to find that your hair now feels dry-like grass that has been baking in the hot sun all day. This has and still happens to me sometimes when trying new shampoos. As a product reviewer I’m asked to try a lot of products and when it comes to shampoos this feeling is usually the one I look for. Does it make my hair feel soft and nourished ( and clean obviously ) or does it make it feel like sandpaper?

I also came to realize that I’m not alone in my quest to find good cleansers. I actually started a segment on my channel called ‘Shampoo Search’ and through that I found that there were many of us who struggled to find good cleansers. I also came to realize that finding good cleansers was only one aspect to solving this problem, determining what was truth and what was myth was also a major part to helping people find their next cleanser. I saw video after video on youtube offering up tips like “why you should never use shampoo”, or “why you need to avoid sulfates and parabens”. I have to admit that in my life I’ve been fooled by these claims, washing as little as possible or washing once or twice a week, and even heat protectant- but that’s for another post, I will try to stay on topic here.

The problem I found with the claims was that some of the shampoos I was “supposed” to be using ( sulfate & paraben free) were not cleaning my hair as well as others with the “harmful” ingredients. I also ran into the issue of my hair getting more and more oily each day that I didn’t wash, and then id use a cleanser that didn’t fully cleanse it and id be left with results that were getting me nowhere. My hair would always feel oily, products didn’t work the wasn’t working.

Something Needed to Change

The first thing I did was I stopped paying attention to ingredients. I could go on and on here about the difference between good and bad sulfates and how they get grouped together and given a bad reputation but if we’re ever going to get to the point of this post, we need to keep moving so the short of it is this-I stopped paying attention to any type of ingredient and I started looking at 2 things: 1. did it FULLY clean my hair? and 2. did it make it feel soft and nourished or did it make it feel dry. Doing this not only allowed me to stockpile an army of nourishing cleansers, but it also gave me direct evidence that fearing ingredients was a myth. Things worked out for me wonderfully, I don’t believe I’ve ever had healthier hair in my life than I have had for the past year or so and on top of that, I’m washing every day!-remember this as it will come into play later.

Something New

It’s important to note that I was extremely happy with how things were going and I had no intention of ever changing my habits as far as cleansing goes, but one day I was contacted by a company ( this is not an ad) that really opened my eyes to something completely new. Their email was pretty simple, it just explained they were a new company called Formulate and they wanted to ask if I was interested in testing out their custom cleansers. I then read more about how they went about creating their cleansers and curiosity completely captured me and I jump all the way in with both feet.

The way this worked was they had me go through a questionnaire on their site. It asked about my hair type, how often I washed my hair, what my hair goals were, it even asked me what scent I wanted. After I filled everything out, which was extremely easy- everything asked was about what I wanted to get out of my hair, they then told me they were going to make me a formula based on what my selections were and it was going to be specifically formulated based solely on my selections and would be 100% custom made for me and my hair

I remember thinking to myself I really hope this works because so far this is awesome. It would really suck to have something look this good and then not work.

That’s Not All

it didn’t take long for the cleansing set to arrive, it was actually rather quick. I remember running upstairs and trying it out right away I was very curious to see how this stuff worked. I already had some product in my hair from a recent demo so the timing was perfect and when I finished washing I quickly blowdried and was somewhat… indifferent as to what I saw.

My hair was mostly clean…like 95% id say. I felt a bit of something still there, like maybe a bit of oils that were dampening the hair just a tiny bit and honestly I was a bit disappointed. I really wanted this to work because I thought of all the great things it could do for people that are looking for that one great cleanser. As usual, I reported my findings honestly to the brand, but to my surprise.. they had one more phase to their program, and it involved an app!

They told me that they have a Formulate app for situations such as this, getting the cleansers and not being 100% satisfied with the results. They explained that when making custom products, its sometimes difficult to hit the mark right away the first time, they of course try their best and often times do.. but in my case an adjustment to the formula was all that was needed. I quickly downloaded the app and logged in and immediately saw all the preferences there that I had chosen and all I had to do was increase the amount under “oil control” so that the formula would remove more from my hair, thus eliminating the issue I had with the first formula. My excitement here was completely reignited I couldn’t believe it was this simple and quickly waited for the second package to arrive.

A Game Changer

The second package arrived soon after and it was night/day from the first one. It cleaned so much better, it left no oiliness in my hair and the best part? it was SOFT! it felt amazing afterward and I was really impressed with what I saw, I knew I needed to make a video about this and I actually did a while back for those that want to see the actual results I got and the step by step ordering process <insert video link>

Now lets quickly talk about that point I made about remembering how often I wash my hair. I wanted to emphasize that because one of the questions being asked was how often I washed my hair, meaning there was no rule as to how often I should or should not wash and the formula was made according to how often I wanted to wash my hair. This is important because so many people will say you should wash as little as possible and I’ve found that to be incomplete.  What I’ve found is your washing habits need to reflect both your hair type and your hair goals. If your hair gets oily quickly (like mine), then everyday washing is in order to keep that in check. If it only gets oily after you don’t wash it for 3-4 days then you can get away with that if you like. If you have super dry hair then you are the exception there and washing less does benefit you, but again you are making the decision based on your hair. The way the custom cleansers from Formulate also cater to this, is they try and estimate how long your bottle will last you and get you set up for months at a time. For example, I’m an everyday washer so I will go through my shampoo quicker than someone who washes only 3 times a week. For me, they set me up with a bottle that they estimated should last up to 3 months, which is a great convenience in my opinion.

The biggest thing I learned about this service, is that in the game of shampoos and conditioners, going custom is a way to take the guessing out of the game. Going back to the grocery store that we discussed in the beginning when you’re there looking at all those cleansers, you really don’t know how each of those is going to work. When you go the custom route you know it will work, you know it will fit you like a glove in the end.

On my channel the number one question I’m asked is “will this work for me” its a question that everyone asks at some point and often times its the hardest one to answer because I don’t really know anyone that asks me. It was really quite nice for me to present a brand and product that I could say with some confidence, yes this will work for you-because its made for you.

To this day I still do try out new cleansers, I haven’t abandoned my segment and I’m still excited to see the standard cleansers that brands create and I think there are a lot of great ones out there, but just like we see when we look at good suits… custom sometimes is the best way to go.


Check out my video on Formulate here:

Or checkout Formulate

As a stylist, heres some advice…

Hey guys, I hope all is well and your hair game is on point. 

A stylist working at AllSaints

I wanted to bring some of my knowledge about Fashion to you all. I have background knowledge within the industry from my time working as a Stylist at AllSaints, but do note this is from a personal perspective. I will relate to other styles but understand that this is very much about personal experience, testing on what I feel works and what does not. I am not going to go into accessories, smart wear or loungewear but instead, this is more casual and streetwear.

What my style represents

So to give you an idea of my style, I believe your outfit should reflect your personality and your confidence. Your look is a statement and as much as focus on hair, your outfit will be equal to or more important than your hairstyle. What’s best is to marry the two and create an overall outstanding look and image on how you want to present yourself.

My style and image are very much to have a professional and sophisticated look to it, but also monotone and rustic feeling. My style is more edgy, I prefer to wear more natural colors overall and have the fit on point.

So to give you an idea of that, one of my favorite colors is clay/taupe. I will wear a jacket, either a leather biker jacket or a statement piece like a T-shirt that is fitted to the body but hangs a little lower. I prefer a wide collar rather than a true crew neck, skinny jeans with some distress and then finish it off with trainers for a little more casual (something like Adidas Stan Smiths) or boots (Chelsea or military) for a dressier look.

What I would say is important with your style is that everything is well fitted but not skin tight. Let the clothing you wear reflect your body shape and show off your best assets. Since we always want our hair game strong, let’s match that with your outfit.

Something I’ve learned while being a stylist

That is a quick overview of what I like since I have experience in styling through AllSaints. My opinion will be ever so slightly biased, but I don’t feel for a second that it is a bad thing.

I am actually more against big brand logo clothing and publically showing that off. I prefer something to fit you well and for people to see that. So I apologize to those that like Supreme written everywhere, or Gucci displayed. That is something I actually stray away from. You might catch me with a brand logo every once in a while, but the logo itself will most likely be small and not ginormous.

What being a stylist means to me 

Something I think I should point out, I understand that a variety of viewers reading this come of all different ages, I should say that I am 26 years old. My style suits my age and location, so a lot of what I say is probably going to be more aimed towards people aged 21 up. I understand that all ages can wear what I recommend but I know fashion and style for the young is currently really expressive. Whether it’s something oversized, bold and bright or completely unique. By all means, continue to do what makes you feel comfortable and how you want to express yourself. For me though, I like to be more rustic and have attitude.

Inspirations to my style

In terms of my style inspirations, I would have to say, David Beckham.

Given his modeling career, he has the biker vibe attitude with the leather jacket and quite simple but effective outfit choices. The interesting thing is without even meaning to, my fashion sense relates so much to his without meaning to, or without a clear and distinct aspiration. Over time and experimenting, I have just felt this is what I find best suits me and my current lifestyle.

A more recent model I do like and it may be worth looking into is Daniel ‘Magic_fox’ on Instagram.

I do really enjoy his look and outfit combos. He does wear pieces that are probably more colorful than I usually like, but what I think is important with fashion is to understand your statement piece. Something like a checked shirt or an ‘out there’ color piece like a fashion accessory – for example, a watch, necklace or chain.

Make your confidence shine through your style

Going into a little more detail about what I wear and how I wear it, it’s essential to feel confident in your choices. Own your look and do take pride in your outfit.

I completely understand those that feel self-conscious and feel judgment is massive in today’s world, by all means, it is, but don’t let that stop you from being who you are.

Do what you want to do and aspire to be what you want. As stated above, my style is very minimalist and rustic, using earthy colors as my main source. But if you feel you prefer something much bolder, then, by all means, you do you. That could be several pieces or just a single one. The importance of feeling comfortable in your outfit is so much more than the pieces you are wearing, how you portray that to the world will tell everyone what you feel.

On many occasions, I have worn outfits that go against the grain of my style and look, but I rock it! Go with it and have fun, whatever the occasion. Generally in these situations, rather than have others judge you or think less of you, they can actually become jealous and envious! I know our aim is not to get others to think negatively of us, but our aim is to have them thinking ‘wow’ or ‘impressive’. What I can say is that your own confidence is so much more important than what it is you wear. Just let that shine through your persona.

Wear clothing that fits you and your style

You probably have a general idea of my look in your head now. One thing I will mention is that you should wear clothing that fits you and your style. I’ve styled clients in a way that always benefited their body shape.

I think anyone can be styled and dressed well when you use the angles and body shape of the person. For me, I have quite an athletic build and I do train a lot in the gym so I do want to flaunt off what I can, but I don’t wear an extra small t-shirt to do this. I wear clothing that fits me properly but it shows off the assets which I have, and for me, my shoulders are one of my best body parts so when I wear t-shirts they are slim on the body to taper in around the waist. They have a wider neckline and sometimes I will wear a short sleeve rather than a standard tee.

These things are all part of some simple tricks to help show off a muscle group I have, but the t-shirt itself does not look tight or too small around the rest of my body. I think for anyone thinking to do similar, find out what it is your looking to show off and then think of ways that you can provide that.

Again you need to find your confidence to know what you want to rock. By all means, be experimental and wear things with a bit of pride. As cliché as it sounds, it is the truth!

What I have to say may not apply to everyone. Be confident and find your style.

I know when I write about this, I may speak in general terms or become expansive. This is because it can be very difficult to go very intricate into this topic of style and fashion. Sometimes what you read may be the opposite of what you’re looking to learn or read about. Plus it’s not for everyone to dress the same way I do.

I want to apply ideas and knowledge that you can take away and apply in your own manner. Individuality is fundamental, so go with what you like and what feels right. Just take this information and apply it to your circumstances. Not everyone has an endless budget to work with; some will be more than others. But understand what you want to go for and create your own style.

Well, I think by now you have a good idea of my personal style and what it took to get to this style point in my life. If you guys want to ask me any questions or get some tips, pop a message to me over facebook or leave a comment on this post.

All the best guys, until the next time.


Understanding Clay and Clay hair products

So we all know that clays are one of the most popular products to use when it comes to styling our hairs. This is not the same for everyone and it is completely based on preferences and what works for you. But a high majority of people do find that clays are one of the most versatile and adaptive styling products to work with.


What is clay?

What makes Clay so good to work within our hair? Well for a start, many clay’s contain either one of these key ingredients or even better, more than one – kaolin, bentonite or beeswax. Barring the beeswax, the key being in the name, the other two are actual forms of clay.

Clay comes in a variety of strength and shine, the majority aim to be a high hold and low shine to matte finish. But this does lead back to the versatility of them; they can be more a medium hold to some and have an increased amount of shine compared to others. Knowing this helps to generate a wider picture of what you want from the product and also helps to gauge the outcome

I am going to try my best to stay away from mentioning any specific products here as there is simply so many to choose from and the whole purpose of you reading this is to gain a better knowledge as a general, rather than thinking about just one product, you can take this information and use it to go out and find your perfect clay.


Who are clay products for?

The term ‘clay products’ are more aimed at people with the hair type being thick and dense. But I don’t truly believe this is always the case. Having thin hair does not eliminate you altogether from them, by far the opposite, a decent clay can provide said thin hair with a platform to either thicken the strands or help get to the roots and provide amazing texture to enhance your style.

One of the key things that should be mentioned about clay and a high amount of its users is they want to obtain the texture. This is always a key feature in anyone’s style. It is all well and good having a nice haircut, or even nice style, but it is texture that is seen to take your style to the next level.

For myself, I actually have quite thin individual strands of hair, yet a lot of it, so it is quite dense, so I can relate to those with thinner hair. I am just sort of in both ships, not thick but am dense but thin per strand. So I can relate to both.


How do I use clay products?

So understanding your hair type does not restrict you from clay, check. Knowing whether it is medium or high hold with a matte or semi-shine finish, check. So this is probably some of the key points to be made, but what hasn’t been mentioned yet and something that I do very regularly when using clay is to mix it with another product!

So some may find they get the texture with clay alone, but find the hold temperamental. Regarding the product you use and then the length of your hair. The longer your hair, the less control and hold your hair is going to naturally have, since it will weigh itself down and also over the course of the day, it will move around through the weather, wearing a hood, general movement, and headphones.

So to help reduce this matter, you can combo clay with other products, such as powders, hair sprays, serums, conditioners or pre-styling products. To briefly go over it, for me powder is a pre-styler with the clay being the final stage, helping create the basis, enhancing the texture and the hold. A hair spray is a finisher, used to lock down the style in place, dependent on how much is used will increase the shine. A serum is a pre-styler before blowdrying, making the hair much smoother and silky. Conditioners can be considered similar but will make the hair that much softer. Then a pre-styling product is the first stage of the hairstyle, helping with hold, texture and setting platform in place. So yeah, we got a lot to work with!


Clay products – water or oil based?

What else needs to be understood about them is whether they are water based or oil based. This will determine how often you will need to wash your hair.

I actually like a little bit of build up from the previous day, personally, I find that adds to the hold and texture for me. I’m not saying it is dirty by any means, I get my hair wet every time I shower and rinse it through, plus I shower twice a day, but I probably only shampoo and condition my hair maybe once to twice a week.

But understanding if it is water based or oil based will show through in the use of the product, from above, it will make you aware of how often you need to wash your hair and how it actually feels to run your fingers through. As a general guide, water-based contains Aqua/H2O (water) and oil-based contains petrolatum. All of the above is relevant knowing this, but just to mix it up, some special products could contain both!


Which hair types work with clay products?

One of the final things I think you need to consider now really is your hair type, not the density but if you have straight, wavy or curly hair. What I say next will not come as surprise but clay works with them all! I have straight hair, so can speak straight away that it works amazing for my hair (pun intended). Wavy hair it will only develop and improve your hairstyle. Curly is where it gets a little harder, depending on your style and length is whether clay is best, I would say a shorter style is more suited as it will get in there and help with definition and separation. Something a little longer may prove more difficult but that’s where the combinations mentioned above can really help you out.


I think we have discussed this one for quite a while now, so if you made it this far, well done and thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, but most importantly, I hope this has taught something so you can take it away and it will help you decide on your next clay product and understanding what you want from the product itself.

Until the next one, peace out and always have your hair on point.

Hair tonic? What is it? And how do you use it?

Have you ever used a hair tonic?

Have you ever heard of one? If you are familiar with the pomade community, you probably have heard of one, but how much do you know about them? I asked myself this question a long time ago after seeing some pop up around the pomade community and since looking into them, Ive made them a permanent part of my personal haircare & styling routine. Word on the street is too, that Blumaan is actually in the early stages of developing their own tonic, so in preparation for that, I am going to give you everything you need to know for a starter education in the hair tonic. 

First things first, what is a hair tonic?

Hair tonics have been around forever and have been a staple in both men’s grooming and the art of barbering for a very long time. Its very important to note that sometimes the word “tonic” is used to describe a medical substance, but here were strictly talking about the styling aids. Early users of hair tonics sometimes referred to them as “liquid pomade” which actually brings out the first fact regarding these products: they are almost always liquids. You have tonics made from a collection of oils, like Templeton Tonics ( which we will discuss later on ), or you have tonics like the Reuzel grooming tonic, that is a liquid-but it actually offers some styling benefits as well!
More on that in a bit, but my favorite period of time to look at these types of products, are actually in the 50’s and 60’s, like this ad here:

which is for Vaseline hair tonic. I personally love this era in Men’s fashion and grooming and this tonic here ( which they still make today ) acted kind of like a liquid pomade where it provided hold and shine and created those iconic looks like we see with big names such as Elvis, or Johnny Cash. 



Now I know what your thinking… you mean Elvis didn’t use American Crew?? I know.. I was surprised too.

Why should I try a hair tonic?

Since then hair tonics have both stayed the same, and become something new. Like I mentioned before you can still get that old style tonic at most grocery stores, but these days theres a lot of new products to explore within this genre and Reuzel is a prime example of this. These guys have made a name for themselves with their excellent barbers and signature branded pomades, but in my opinion-their tonics are some of the best.

At the moment these guys offer 2 tonics, the blue hair tonic
and the orange grooming tonic. Both are ones ive used for years now and they each offer specialities that definitely deserve some attention. The blue hair tonic, is a “refresher”, I like to keep mine in the refrigerator (a tip I picked up from a reuzel video) and in the summer when my head is all sweaty and greasy, products melting all into my scalp, I take that blue tonic and splash some on there and not only does it feel great, but it removes all that grime, all the product (it doesn’t fully remove petro but it does remove some) and for barbers it can really help to refresh the hair before a haircut. 

How do you use a hair tonic?

The orange one is one I use a lot more because it actually has some styling benefits. It actually has a bit of stickiness to it so when added to damp hair and dried with a blowdrier, it works as  a really nice pre styler. On top of that, it adds thickness, volume, and texture. I enjoy this one a lot and if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly suggest you do so. 

Now let’s talk about the other kind of tonics. These days you can find hair tonics being used by all types of people because of their major contributions to both hair health and styling. Unlike the other tonics we have already discussed, these tonics don’t contain fillers, or ingredients designed to deliver any type of stickiness in the hair. Usually these contain a collection of oils, with each one designed to deliver a pre-determined attribute. This is the type of tonic BluMaan is rumored to be creating. 

What is hair tonic made of?

A prime example of this type of tonic, is the offerings of Templeton Tonics. Looking at their website, they describe their original tonic as “A blend of five natural oils that work together to break down pomade buildup, condition the hair, and rejuvenate the scalp. The light oils are absorbed quickly by the hair without leaving behind oily residue, and leave the hair feeling light, soft, and healthy” This really is the key here for these types of products, light oils that are quickly absorbed, which then leave your hair feeling full of life, body, and of course extremely soft.

Even though these offer no hold, I still feel like they do offer a tiny bit of styling benefit, especially with dry, sticky products. When your hair is this nourished, and soft it has an easier time achieving volume, which translates into your styles obviously, but it also helps with distributing product into the hair, because the hair is nice and soft. Product applies easier, and more evenly thus, you get more out of each scoop. 

The Benefits of using a hair tonic

These can also help with other things as well, repairing scalp irritation, dry scalp, dry/brittle hair, and even some issues regarding frizz in thicker hair types. Tonics offer so many benefits and if your not using one you absolutely need to give it some thought. 

Through the years of making videos on my channel, Ive heard so many different things people struggle with regarding their hair, whether it be styling, dryness, achieving volume, damaged hair, dandruff-all types of things and all the time im seeing people sharing these crazy “remedies” for these types of issues, like cracking eggs on your head, or using these specialty shampoos that may solve one issue, but then leave you with another.

If you really look, a good hair tonic can be an easy fix and even a fairly cheap one too. Templeton sells their original Tonic for 15.00 USD for a 2oz bottle and for me that bottle can last for months, because you need so little of it! This is a very inexpensive and effective tool that can really help in many situations. 

My routine with hair tonic

Speaking of use, Im sure people are wondering how they should use a tonic like this. I know I was wondering the same when I first got into them, so let me share with you what I do.

If Im styling, what I like to do is start with clean damp hair and ill apply 2-3 drops from the bottle ( if you use too much it will overpower your hair with the oils ) and just rub it into my hair and scalp. After that I will blow dry and thats it! You will see the effects instantly, your hair feels soft, its got a kind of natural glow about it, and it will look great when fully styled. 

If I’m trying to repair some dry hair, say from getting it colored, using a shampoo that left it feeling dry, or maybe my scalp is feeling a bit dry even- what ill do then is I will apply a couple extra drops than usual ( about 5-6 drops ) into my hands and then rub that in before I goto sleep, or maybe in the morning on a day where I’m just chilling around the house. I will then wash my hair to remove the excess oil and thats it! 

Tonics are something I think everyone should be using, and if you are already using them, you probably already know why Im saying that. And If you aren’t.. well what are you waiting for? 

My Hair Routine – Scott Lawrence


Hi guys, it’s Scott from the Blumaan Community, nice to meet you. I’m here today to talk about my hair routine and give you a guide that you can follow.



I am writing a guide today to explain the process and what I do on a day-to-day basis when it comes to styling my hair.

First, I thought it would be good to give you a little bit of a background on myself, who I am and what I do each day.

So I’m 26, living in Bath, UK. I work in the financial sector full time; I am fashion focused, take care with my appearance and always come across professional and approachable. I do of course take care of my hair and always look after it and have it styled. I used to work in the fashion brand company Allsaints as a Stylist, so I have a sense of fashion within that area too. Lifestyle, I focus very much on exercise in the gym, staying healthy and trying to live a positive life at all times.

So that is a brief introduction into me, but moving onto the purpose of this blog and why you came here, the guide on what I do everyday with my hair.



I wake up and my hair is literally all over the shop! Fluffy when it is freshly washed, or just generally crazy otherwise. I always have a shower, so it resets the platform and the basis of my hair when I get out, I then towel dry it down to take away most of the water but leaving it damp, comb it back and set it for blow drying.

At this point, I start drying from the back, my crown specifically and then work forwards. I don’t use an attachment; simply prefer the normal head on a hairdryer. As it is getting drier, I tend to tilt forward and lean over the heat. Being quite sporadic with it, letting it go in all directions. Then towards the end, I start setting it into position and the direction I want it to be in. My reason is because I believe getting the heat into the hair and setting the basis of my style needs to have the volume. Once I have that, I can finish it with how I want it to look.

If I have the time, I will use the cool setting to lock the hair in place much more, but most the time I do not have the time to do this, so once I have dried the hair fully, I literally leave it for a few minutes to cool down on it’s own, plus I should make you aware that I do not use the hottest setting on my hairdryer or put it super close to the hair, I would say the closest I get is 3cm away. No closer than that.



As for the post styling and products I like to use, I am a big fan of texturizing powder, I tend to apply this evenly but lightly all over, giving it yet another base to work from, helps increase the volume and lift for the hair, but most importantly, creating that texture! I then go in with my actual product, right now with my style, I love using a clay and my go to’s are either Blumaan Cavalier Clay or Duke and Hyde Hybrid Clay.

I prefer to use Cavalier on maybe day 1 and 2, whereas Hybrid clay is good for day 2/3/4. After that point, I reset it all and wash my hair again. With the product, I apply it evenly throughout and I do proper get into my hair, some might think its rough, but I want to get into the base of the root and from the bottom of the strand to the top. Then it is a case of working with what I have already set in place from the hairdryer, powder and what my intentions are. Using this method, I can always come out with a great style every time, maybe not the first day as I hate day 1 hair personally, always super fluffy and I like a slight bit of build up so day 2 and 3 hair is best for me.


The Result

With that, I always get an ever-lasting hairstyle for the day, it is workable and can be changed throughout, with the powder and the clay, even in windy conditions, which it is all the time here in the UK. You can always work your style back in or even better, the style develops throughout the day and more texture is put in over time. Literally for me it always works and I find it a solid process, here is abit of context as well, in my job, I have to wear a headset a lot of the time when taking calls or making them, so I constantly have my hair moving around, but thanks to the powder and the clay, my hair almost has a bounce back effect to it.

Well there it is, no super secrets that I use, or nothing to fancy but a straightforward and effective guide on what I do day by day with styling.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and let me know what you think, if you want to try this method out, let me know how you get on or what you would do differently and what your results are like.

Thanks for your time guys and hope to catch up with you in the next one.


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