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The top 10 hair oils for men 2018

Hair is definitely one of the most prominent features that raises your appeal and make you look attractive right away. So what can you do to ensure your hair is always looking healthy? Well taking care of your hair and providing it moisture can be a big start. 

Healthy hair asks appropriate time & energy investment and healthy lifestyle. It’s a continuous process to maintain a beautiful and healthy head of hair. Touch your hair now and feel if it’s dry and gritty; that should be a clear indicator on whether or not you should start using hair oils.

Hair loss up to a controllable extent is absolutely normal and is part of a healthy hair growth cycle. Using hair oils is the best and immediately effective treatment you can opt for when facing dry and brittle hair. Oiling doesn’t just thicken your hair strength but can also reward fine, thin and oily hair. You just need to find the right oil for you and you’ll be flaunting your gorgeous hair in no time.

Let’s go through these 10 oil variants that will benefit your hair instantly and you’ll soon bid goodbye to all your dry hair problems. 




Doesn’t matter if your hair is oily, frizzy or dry; you can always use coconut oil. It suits well for all hair types. Using coconut oil can replenish your strands and also aids in keeping your scalp healthy by strengthening your hair.

Coconut oil is fully packed with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. You will soon notice that treating your hair weekly with coconut oil can help you to build not only stronger strands but it also makes your hair less prone to breakage and slow growth.




Almond oil is considered best for beating rebellious dandruff off your head. It consists of Vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants and protein, which makes it perform as a multitasker. To top it all off, it is extremely rich in Magnesium, which is fabulously healthy for your hair.

Try massaging your scalp with almond oil whenever you feel irritation, redness, and dandruff driving you crazy. It will work wonders and you’ll realize how your worries leave you right away.




It is fairly a new variant to have created loads of hype in the market. It’s tremendously rich in vitamin content. Baobab oil provides you deep nourishment and hydration, along with an impressive combination of Vitamin A, D, E, and F, altogether.

This oil encourages cell regeneration and improves elasticity of your hair. If you want your hair to be healthy, give baobab oil a try and you sure won’t be disappointed.




Most of the times we avoid certain products as they do not smell pleasant enough for us to put up with them, even if they can be helpful. If you don’t want your head to smell all nutty, marula oil is just the right hair product for you.

Marula oil comes to your rescue as a fruitier alternative. Fully packed up with vitamin C, it’s quintessential if you’re always out and about facing the elements. Marula oil ensures that your hair don’t dry up while you stay out in the direct contact with the sun.




Extremely damaged or dry hair could be brought back to life using this miraculous oil Macadamia oil is one of the prominent nut oils available. Use this oil as a hair mask once in a week and see for yourself what we are talking out. This could even help you replenish your tresses after a series of heavy styling sessions.




Abyssinian is well suited for fine hair. It is also extremely light in weight and texture, which makes it suitable for hair hydration. Abyssinian is a brilliant alternative for fine, thin or greasy hair that can easily become lifeless if left unnoticed. It is also a great choice to use as a pre-heat styling product.  




Being super rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, argan oil can potentially turn coarse, dry and fizzy hair into softner, shinier, untangled, and more manageable tresses. Frizz and fly-aways will not be troublesome to you anymore. Morocco natively had it discovered and it is hailed as liquid gold there.




The high quantity of omega-6 fatty acid is known to boost hair growth. Vitamin B2, C and G, along with proteins present in melon seed oil is exceptional reparative oil. It is known to go gently with sensitive scalp and skin type.

People who are quite allergic to cosmetic products and often end up having an itchy reaction subsequent to their usage can find this oil phenomenal.




Making of castor oil includes absolutely no inclusion of chemicals, which makes it perfect for all skin types. Castor oil is unanimously the paramount vital oil to bring back that luster, sheen and gloss of your hair like never before. Massaging your scalp with castor oil maintains proper circulation in your scalp and restores the pH balance to get rid of dry hair and dandruff removal naturally.




The primary ingredient in any quality beard oil is none other than organic jojoba oil. To top it off, it works well on all facial hair as well. It promotes proper hair growth and circulation, and seeks you to lock in the essential hydration. This is 100% organic oil and again, includes no harmful chemicals which can deteriorate your hair quality.

Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade – Fully Reviewed

The launch of Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade is finally out and what better way to showcase how great the product is, than by hearing what your favorite hair styling Youtubers have to say about it.

Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade is a product that focuses on hair health because we know how important that can be. As a styling product we’ve carefully crafted it to be a high holding product while still maintaining an easy wash out. For most, it can be nerve-racking when releasing a new product. For us, it’s always a pleasure to hear what people say about our products. Whether good or constructive we always have our ears open at hearing how we can improve.

Check out some of our favorite reviews down below!


Mike Smith

“A better version of Fifth Sample. You’re going to enjoy this one. This was a huge step up. It’s a softer shine and more natural.”



Jake Daniels

“With many pomades the application can be hit and miss. I experience tug and pull, but that’s not the case with Fifth Sample – It’s easy to apply, gives me volume and my hair stays in place all day.”



Thomas in Action

“Using this and looking at the natural shine, I’ve changed my mind about pomades. I was worried about greasy shine but I never saw it with this product”


Monarch Matte Paste – Fully Explained

Instead of me writing reasons why Monarch Matte Paste will or wont work for your hair, watch these videos instead. These guys do a great job of fully explaining the product, its uses and how it falls in line with their lifestyle. Hopefully after hearing what these fellas have to say, you can make an educated decision on whether Monarch Matte Paste will work for your hair. I just want to remind everyone that these are their own opinions and we do not write any scripts for them.

We take pride in the feedback and criticism we get because we know there are always areas of improvement. We love listening to what you have to say and will continually strive to bring you better products for your hair.

If you have time, also check out the behind the scenes of Monarch, where we show you a glimpse of the process it takes to make products.


Mike “The Man” Smith

Our good friend Mike Smith from ModernmanTV gives us his review and favorite styles with Monarch Matte Paste. He does some quick hairstyles with Monarch showing just how versatile this product can be. Also he explains how this product is different than the rest of the BluMaan line up.


Cameron “The Cavalier” Cretney

Our buddy Cameron gives his honest opinion at how Monarch works for his hair. Check it out!


Jake “Fashion” Daniels

It’s our boy, Jake Daniels. He’s back with a fresh slick back and we know he loves Cavalier Clay but hear his thoughts on comparing our Monarch Matte Paste with the rest of the BluMaan line up.


Jeremy “Pretty boy” Clyde

Jeremy speaks to me personally because I basically have the same hair type as him. He creates two hair styles with Monarch Matte Paste and surprises himself at how well it works.


Kareem “The One” Fathalla

If you don’t recognize our next friend, go ahead and google him. We’ll wait… Kareem has been on the MTV show “Are you The One” and is a successful model as well. He showcases a new haircut on his brand new channel while post-styling with Monarch Matte Paste at the very end. Check him out!


Benjamin “Everyman” Arthur

With a sea of media nowadays, it’s hard to find out who’s being honest about their reviews. Benjamin from Everyman, tells it like it is – from Packaging, right down to how it applies to the hair.


We’re not done yet

We of course had testers throughout making Monarch and we would like to thank them so much for testing and giving feedback. I wanted to add their a few of their thoughts for you readers out there who want to actually read something.


Nate Brimacombe

If I could sum up Monarch Matte Paste in one word it would be versatile. This product can really do whatever you want it to. For fine hair it brings amazing texture and hold that is almost on par with Cavalier, but doesn’t weigh down the hair at all.”


Justin Mullins

This would be a great product for thin hair people as it is a strong hold but is very light in the hair and that break down and application is effortless. All in all I would highly recommend this product for any hair type or style.”


Kory Borgia

I have fine hair that typically has issues maintaining hold throughout the day, but this product gives me all-day hold. (…) after walking through very strong winds for a good 15 minutes and I was able to restyle my hair and maintain a good level of hold still.”


Louis Carrion

Overall I’m very impressed with this. It’s crazy how Blumaan could make a product that works with most hair types without any real compromises. Very happy with the hold and control this product gives, and am happy with the endurance. Can’t wait for this to officially release!”


I’ll Make it Easy for you

The Real Differences between Hair Products

If you’ve been reading the blog, you’re probably going to see a lot of what’s written here that has already been said in this blog post. I decided that section should have a dedicated post, so I did just that. But I’m also going to be adding to this post – adding other types like: paste and styling cream.

They’re are tons of hair products out there but which ones should you buy? The worst thing is getting a product that does not work for your hair and money that is wasted to basically try out a product.

So what types are there?

These are the most popular categories of products. Once you invest time into researching, you will notice there are different types of pomades, waxes and clays. But what are the big differences between each product?


Gel – Mans first styling product (at least for some)

And I mean first styling product because most of us who were introduced to anything hairstyling related has come across Gel. This product took mens hairstyling to another level. If you wanted a product that held your hair, this was it. It’s easy, wet application and strong hold attracted people going for a spiked or slicked back look.

The problem with gel was that once it hardened, it was as tough as a rock. If you tried to run your hands through your hair you risked pulling strands out and hurting your hair. It gave a crispy texture to your hair while also giving it a wet greasy look.

Gel is accessible everywhere for a relatively cheap price. So who could blame us when we picked up a bottle of gel. In today’s current hair world, we see a push away from gel because of all the great products that are emerging. But is gel really that bad for your hair?


Wax – The most variance, there’s so many waxes out there.

Wax was not too far behind gel. Wax provided structure that did not harden up like gel. Instead when applied it gave a strong hold but with pliability, meaning you could run your hands through naturally to reshape your style.

Wax came in a creamy or pasty form and finished the hair with a matte look. If you were searching for some that made your hair look natural instead of greasy, this was your product. But there are some wax products that provide a medium shine as well.

Companies soon started making wax their staple as they saw how popular it was getting.

Wax is more suitable for straight or slightly wavy hair. However, with curly or thick hair it is considerably lighter in terms of hold.

Original Styling Meraki – Light, firm hold. Great for pre-styling and for some, a great post-styler as well.

One of the biggest wax brands is far from unknown and a leading example for waxes.


Pomades – Shiny finish, oil and petroleum based. Greasers. 

Pomades started off being oil based. Meaning they could hold any style but be the most difficult to wash out. Pomades were for those greasers looking to slick their hair back or for the pompadour style.

Combs were highly associated with pomades as people could create really sharp and clean hairstyles with them.

Today, we see tons of variation from pomades. For example, Unorthodox water based pomades were basically the characteristics of a oil based, but the main ingredient is water. Meaning it was easier to wash out.

Orthodox water based pomades were essentially the mix of hair gel and oil based pomades. This meant they were water soluble and since they had a bit of gel properties built in, it would harden up the hair.

While oil based can really last in your hair all day, it is very difficult to wash out. Compared to water based, which is quite similar to the oil based partner but is easier to wash out and that may mean the hold of the product might be sacrificed.

That’s not to say that water based pomades are not strong, but for some who are loyal fans of the oil based may not believe that water based pomades can hold their hair.

So which should you choose, water based or oil based?  That’s entirely up to you and your lifestyle. Thin or thick, there are different holds to pomade that can work for a variety of hair types.


Clay – Strong Matte finish

While some wanted a shiny greasy finish, others wanted a natural matte finish. Comparing clay to pomade, we find that clay products tend to have a strong hold just like pomades. However, the biggest difference tends to be the application and what it does to your hair as an end result.

Clays worked great at achieving volume while not weighing down your hair. Unlike pomades, clay had properties that allowed it to be a product that could be applied to your hair without the feeling of heaviness that pomades tend to do.

Clay also came in different textures, some were more creamy than others. And it was built that way for application and possibly for different hair types. Generally a cream type product would be more suitable for thinner hair. Whereas, a thicker type clay would benefit someone who had thicker hair.

Cavalier Heavy Hold – Thicker clay, great for thick hair. More tug, harder to wash out than Hybrid.

Hybrid Cream Clay – Amazing light weight but firm hold. Giving great texture to any hairstyle.


Styling Cream

The name speaks for itself. It usually is a lighter product meant to style and add a bit of weight to your hair. Being a cream makes it a lighter easier application product. However where it lacks is in the hold.

It’s great at taming flyaways! the ease and virtually no tug product has got a hold that will help with flyaways and strays. It also provides a more natural shine to your hair, nothing overly shiny.

Got frizz? Styling creams are essentially there to help with things like frizz without making your hair feel greasy and heavy.



Regarded as a versatile product. One of those products that kind of work with everything. Maybe you’re going for a neat slick back or textured quiff, using a paste will be able to help you achieve that.

What’s great about a paste is the hair types and textures it can work for. If you have thinner hair, pastes will be quite strong on its on and even more so with some pre-styling. However with thicker hair, you’re probably needing to add a scoop or two more compared to those with thinner hair.

A hair paste usually gives your hair a medium to very intensifying hold the more you add. It can leave your hair with a natural matte finish or a touch of natural shine.


The Great Gatsby, what’s so special about this product?


We’re here with a brand that is known worldwide – Gatsby. You’ve probably watched Joe’s budget breakdown series where he talks about hair care brands as a whole and seeing for the price if they’re good, kinda good, or not so good. They started the series with a brand called V05 and if you missed that you can watch that here.

Today we’re taking a look at the Gatsby brand. Just like the youtube video, if you’ve got suggestions on what we should review here on the blog please let me know in the comments down below.


Where Gatsby Started

It was based out in Japan from a cosmetics company called the Mandom Corporation. As you can guess, the president of the company had read “The Great Gatsby” and consequently named one of the most iconic hair products after Gatsby.


The packaging

This is something I agree with Joe on. It’s got a very good distinctive packaging that from a distance you still would be able to know what product it is.

They’ve stuck to nice bright and bold colors for their packaging. They nailed the details down well.

However, the one thing I noticed is that they don’t put a description of what their product does. Is it a heavy hold, light hold, matte finish, or shiny finish? Their names of the products seem to be a bit ambiguous and sometimes don’t relate to the product at all.

Personally, I would have liked to see names that are understandable instead of seeing “cool wet” or “grunge mat”



The products

We will be looking at their hair series of waxes/rubbers. They have a selection range of seven products that each match a particular hairstyle and length of hair. They seem to cover styles ranging from short spiky hair to longer swept textured styles.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried all their products just because I know that some will not work for my longer thick hair. We’re purely looking at the Grunge matte, Spiky Edge, Cool wet and Multi form. I’m leaving out scent because that tends to be a subjective topic. But I can say that most do have a fruity scent which can be refreshing to some.

Grunge Matte

  • This product claims to be a high holding product with a matte finish
  • Easy application – I find that a lot of Gatsby products put a lot of emphasis on the scoop out and application
  • Hold – isn’t as strong as advertised. It definitely didn’t hold my hairstyle throughout the day
  • However, I was able to control my hair and almost do like a sweep type thing after my hair started falling.
  • Matte finish

Spiky Edge

  • As the name suggest, it’s supposed to help spike your hair up. So it should be great for shorter hair.
  • Easy application – again, very easy to scoop out, emulsify and apply to hair
  • After a few minutes it definitely starts becoming more sticky
  • Matte finish

Cool Wet

  • This product is interesting as it’s like a gel. But not really
  • Easy application – super easy application like a gel product
  • Hold – For my long thick hair, it doesn’t do much
  • A unique product as it doesn’t harden up like a gel
  • Shiny finish

Multi Form

  • I’ve personally used this one myself and I can say that this one is similar to the grunge matte
  • I noticed that the multi form has a bit more strength in the hold and control than the grunge
  • Easy to apply like the rest
  • Hold is quite good as it’s supposedly labeled for longer hair
  • Matte finish


The Verdict

I know that Joe gave this a good rating on his scale. But In my opinion, for the hairstyles I was going trying to achieve, Gatsby is just kinda good.

By all means it’s a good product but I could not use this for modern slick backs or pompadours. Which is what I aim to achieve.


So what’s so special about Gatsby?

I can see this being really great for shorter quiffs and french crops/fringe styles. The texture it gives is good and can definitely see more asian inspired hairstyles achieved. The application for each product is amazing and so easy to put in your hair. They definitely focus on the application process.

It’s interesting to see because on their website, their ideal look is a textured long fringe or a textured swept style. This look is great in my opinion and I’m sure Gatsby works great for that. Just not for my hairstyle.

The Perfect Combo


We’ve designed our products to help those with controlling their hair. This combo is what I like to call our thick hair control system. The power of pre and post styling is such a strong foundation for any hairstyle.



Setting the foundation of volume. Remember it’s easy to control volume what you have it, so you can always decrease the volume of your hair but it’s always harder to create volume. Original Styling Meraki will give volume that you never knew you had, you’ll be surprised at how awesome this product is as a pre-styler.


Pre-styling alone won’t create the hold for your hairstyle to last all day. That’s where the post-styling comes into action. Using a product like Cavalier Heavy Clay will give your hair the final lock-in factor. Giving your hair texture and the hold to achieve your desired hairstyle. Did I forget to mention a matte finish?


Though our products are stand-alone, when used together it creates a stronger hold, awesome texture and bigger volume.


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