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Which BluMaan products are right for my hair?

This one’s for all the Blumaan newcomers out there.

When you’re ready to increase your hair game, the first step is to pick BluMaan products that will help you achieve the style you want. One of the most frequently asked questions I see about Blumaan products is, “Which one should I get?” So, before you go posting on the Blumaan community Facebook page for the third time, or commenting on another YouTube video, let’s answer this once and for all, right here, right now.


The Original Styling Meraki

BluMaan Products Original Styling Meraki

Let’s start with the OG Blumaan product. Original was designed to be the most versatile product possible. It’s a thick fibrous cream with a medium to strong hold and natural/matte finish. With built-in heat protection, Original can protect your hair from the heat of a hairdryer to a certain extent (although, if you plan on using a flat iron or using a hairdryer on high heat for prolonged periods of time, you should invest in a heat protectant.)

These features mean that Original can be effectively used in almost any situation. Use a smaller amount in damp hair before blow-drying to safely add volume and control before post-styling. Use it in dry hair to sculpt your hair to a natural-looking finish. If you want more hold, just add more product. If you want a touchable feel to your hair, use it with damp hair or use a little less than usual.

This product is best for people looking for a do-it-all product they can use to style with both damp and dry hair; especially if you want a hairstyle with more volume or a more natural look. However, if you’re looking for a slick look, or something with some serious hold, Original is probably not for you.


Cavalier Heavy Clay

BluMaan Products Cavalier Heavy Clay

One of Blumaan’s more recent products, Cavalier offers the most extreme hold and texture in the entire lineup. It is a heavy, oil-based clay with high hold and texture with a natural/matte finish. If you have unruly hair, or high ambitions for a tall hairstyle, this might be the product for you.

Cavalier can also create some serious texture if you’re going for that perfect modern quiff. It is a heavy clay though, so if you have trouble with products tugging and pulling during application, or if you want your hair to feel like there’s nothing in it, this may not be the best choice for you. Also, it’s oil-based, so it won’t rinse out completely without shampoo.


Hybrid Cream Clay

BluMaan Products Hybrid Cream Clay

One of the more recent additions to the collection, Hybrid strives to offer the best of both worlds for clay users. It combines the easy application of a cream with the texture and hold of a clay to offer a great experience for people even with fine or thin hair. It’s water-based, so it’ll rinse out almost completely without shampoo, and applies effortlessly through the hair with a truly matte finish.

The hold and texture is a little weaker than Cavalier, so if you have thick unruly hair, or want a ten-foot tall quiff, this might not work for you (unless you use a lot more than you’re used to). However, if you want a looser style that’s a little tousled/messy, this might be perfect for you. Personally, I have thick, fine, wavy hair, and this is the product I use (and love) the most. I like to keep my hair touchable and soft, but still controlled. Hybrid does that for me.


Monarch Matte Paste

BluMaan products - Monarch Matte Paste

Monarch Matte Paste is the newest member of BluMaan products. We’re proud to call this one of the most versatile of the bunch. Why? Our Monarch Matte paste creates amazing texture while combining with an effortless smooth application.

The hold is stronger than Hybrid Cream Clay but does not sacrifice in application. This means that there is literally minimal to zero tug when applying Monarch. It features an intensifying hold which allows each scoop to provide even more hold. So if you’re looking to achieve a stronger hold and look, don’t hold back with using another scoop or two.

I’ve seen lots of people use Monarch to achieve pompadours and quiffs. The choice is up to you on how you use Monarch, just know that it covers all bases!


Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade

This product has a bit of history to it. We originally launched Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade back in 2017 but due to unforeseen issues we had to stop the production of our pomade.

To keep a long story short, people were receiving our pomade but it came rock solid. Something was seriously wrong and we had to pull the plug.

Fast forward to our new reformulation and we couldn’t be happier about the outcome. A strong yet easily washable unorthodox water-based pomade. We took it another step and added 5 healthy hair ingredients because we care about your hair health. Fifth sample can easily be washed out with just water and will also leave your hair feeling soft and healthy.

A product that can give you a slick pompadour or swept style, this is, Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade.


The X factor

The great thing about our products are that they’re combo friendly. While you can use our products as a stand alone, we highly encourage the use of the combo of our products.

We’ve seen numerous amounts of people use the Original Styling Meraki as a pre-styler and finishing off with the Cavalier Heavy Clay. This combo produces amazing texture, hold and volume all day!

Another combo would be using Original Styling Meraki with Hybrid Cream Clay. This doesn’t produce as strong of a hold as the above combo, but it gives it that great pliable messy look that we all know and love.


But, wait!

you might say, “That can’t be it! I’m still not sure which one will work the best for what I want. What if I pick the wrong one?” The unfortunate truth is, you’ll never know if a product will work for you until you try it yourself, and even when you find one you like, it won’t make your hair perfect. 90% of styling your hair is in the preparation and blow-drying process. The finishing product is just that: a finishing touch. I would encourage you not to worry about being disappointed. Work with what you have first. Think about what you want out of a product, then get the one that seems to fit you the best. If you’re unhappy with the results, you’ll be one step closer to the perfect product for your style. Good luck!

An In-Depth look at The Lockhart’s ‘Anti-Gravity’ & Why YOU should try it!

Its hard not to feel romantic by home-brewers.

Watching them work and create products is like watching a painter create something that will one day hang in a place that people will go and visit, and attempt to read the mind of the creator that envisioned, and brought it into existence. Ive always felt like watching a homebrewer create a product is a combination of science and creativity. A modern day form of magic that leaves our imagination and becomes something we can touch.

The Beginning

I remember two years ago when I got the first sample for a new product Steve Lockhart was dreaming up-Anti Gravity. Listening to him talk about what he was wanting this to be, it became very clear to me that this was a project that Steve was using to test himself.

Anti-GravityI later heard Steve describe Anti Gravity as the “White Whale to his Ahab”. This was the project that had taken him two full years to develop and countless trials and revisits. After all of that he was finally able to put the lid on this project and begin sharing it with the world. The first glimpse at Anti-Gravity came, in what I thought was the best way a product could be introduced, through Steve himself. I went and visited Steve to finish our collaborative product

“Nevermore” and film the making of that product, and while we were there we decided to also film the making of Anti-Gravity and have Steve discuss the process and finally reveal theproduct he had been chasing for this entire time.

What is Anti-Gravity?

So what is Anti-Gravity? According to Steve, Anti-Gravity can be summed up in 3 words, FIRM. MATTE. WEIGHTLESS. Really what we have here is a combination of a Matte Paste/Clay/Fiber/ Cream Hybrid all rolled into one. It has the consistency of a Light Fiber, applies like a cream, holds like a paste, and provides the texture and volume of a clay. To understand Anti-Gravity, you must experience Anti-Gravity.

Officially speaking the formula is water-soluble and it offers afirm/weightless hold, matte finish, with high texture and volume. It rinses out of the hair with just water and it has a fresh inviting scent made up of notes of various essential oils like lemon, ambergris, sandalwood, vetiver and quite a few others.Anti-Gravity

Ive seen quite a few people using this product lately,some having more success than others and I think the ones that have not had success have failed to see the one thing that Anti- Gravity requires, a blow dryer. This product was designed to be used in blowdried hair,either as a pre & post styler, or simply added into blow dried hair. Using this product on damp hair, or treating it like you would a pomade, makes about as much sense as trying to wash your hair with a volleyball.

My Thoughts on Anti-Gravity

My personal favorite way to use this product is through the “Lockhart’s Method”™. This is a method that Ive covered on my channel in the past, that was developed by Steve for use with his Matte Clay, to achieve high volume and a matte finish every time. Ive personally used this method with several products and its a great way to get not only that ideal finish, but to get some extra endurance out of your style as well.Anti-Gravity

Its super easy to follow this method, you start with wet hair. Adding nothing in yet we begin blowdrying, but not for long. We only want to blow-dry the hair until its left still slightly damp.

Step 2 is to apply the product to your now damp(ish) hair. Make sure to not use a ton, a finger tip is really all I need, and if you need to add more you will have the opportunity to later.

Step 3 Is hitting it with that blow-dryer again, still fully on the heat, starting to shape the hair and achieve volume.

Step 4 is to turn the blow-dryer on the cool setting and just blasting it. I like to continue to shape my style while I do this and its important to note that this should be done for longer than usual. I usually do it for at least 1-2 mins. This not only activates the matte finish, but it also closes the hair follicle and seals in your style, resulting in much better endurance and texture. You can also add in a bit more product here during this step too if needed.


One could argue that this is just a more drawn out version of pre-styling and I guess really it is. Its also important to point out that using this method is just one way to get a great result out of Anti-Gravity. Simply adding it into blow-dried hair can also make for some awesome results too. The key here is to understand what the product was designed for and not designed for, and not judging it based on what it was simply not meant to do. I mean, thats like saying Goon Grease sucks because it doesn’t offer dry texture and a matte finish.

Can You Feel The Love?

This is truly a product I suggest you all trying out, if you fancy products of this type. To help make that happen Team Lockhart’s generously donated 3 jars of Anti-Gravity, to be given away to 3 different Blumaan Community Members.

To enter, simply join the community and look for Joe’s post regarding this awesome giveaway and the instructions on how to enter. On top of this awesome prize, Blumaan is also giving away a free product of your choice from their lineup and an awesome handmade commemorative wooden box, bearing the Blumaan logo.

When I released my collaborative product “Limitless” with Flagship, I remember telling Wade, the owner, that I wanted this product to be a tool for the soul. And I think in a way thats how I see a lot of the homebrewed products that I come across. Tools that we use to boost our self- esteem and show others the best versions of ourselves.

Thats why its hard not to feel romantic about home-brewers.

“Quoting The Raven” The Story of Nevermore

It was the beginning of October 2017 when I got the message from Steve.  I had to read the message a couple of times initially, thinking I had to have misread something. But no, here he was asking me to collaborate on a new product for Halloween. I think, before even answering Steve, I leaped out of my chair becoming encompassed in pure, pomade excitement.

Approximately eight months earlier I had gone to visit Steve, and wife Nichole in Michigan where they were just beginning to work on their first retail space. There I had the amazing opportunity to get to know the Lockhart’s and film a segment covering one of their most popular products, Goon Grease, for a new segment I had thought up exploring the behind the scenes work involving the actual making of hair products. I remember discussing with them their history of not doing manycollaborations, and really dreaming of the day when I could be apart of an operation such as the one I was filming.

Now the day has arrived, and apart from my screaming, I was also instantly inspired. I remember one of my first thoughts that I actually wrote down for this collaboration, which was all but 3 mins old, was “ make something they will never expect”. I think from the very beginning I knew this couldn’t just be something that was done easily. This had to be something the community wouldn’t expect, and perhaps even something Steve wouldn’t expect. Initially Halloween was going to be our inspiration for theme, which is the Lockhart’s favorite holiday. I have never met someone more in to Halloween than Steve Lockhart. We explored themes of witches, magic, demons, all kinds of morbid ideas but in the end it was two things that brought us to what we now know as Nevermore. Poe, and Steininger.

Jacob Steininger of Star 7 creative is one of those people who can take nameless, faceless ideas and will them into existence. He took our list of Ideas and weeded through them and finally gave us a persona that we would then strive to fill. Having a beautiful jar is one thing, but filling it with something special is another entirely.

One of the things I loved about working with Steve, was how well we connected when it came to goals of the project. Steve and I share this drive to push the envelope and engulf ourselves in our work, only to emerge when something is worthy of the name we plan to display upon it. This was no different in Nevermore.

Going off my original idea, I knew I had to try my best to push Steve out of his comfort zone. I didn’t quite know how that would work out but again, Steve and I were pretty much living on the same planet at this point. When I brought the idea up to him about a matte paste, he was totally open to it. In true Lockhartland fashion things completely took off from there. In what seemed like just a few days Steve had a formula written and was beginning testing and from there with a few minor tweaks things we, for the most part, had our product. I don’t think things could have gone any smoother.

After that it was time to rally the troops and bring the raven to life. We had our product, and the design work completed. Our scent was also created custom for this project by, the mad scentologist, Tony Nguyen. He created for us a fresh, masculine scent that just fits this product like a glove. As a final touch for the release, my wife and I decided to make some wax seals bearing a raven to go over top the jars. This really just contributed even further to the notion of doing something folks hadn’t seen before.

Overall this was an incredible experience and im grateful to Steve and the other guys for making it happen. When I started Modern Man TV, one of my personal goals was to get to the point where that name appeared on a jar, and I feel extremely blessed and humbled that I have been able to do that here, and work with one of the best home brewers in the process.

Only In Lockhartland.

The Only Hairbrush You’ll ever Need

There’s tons of brushes and combs out there – paddle brush, round brush, vented brush, fine toothed combs.. you get the picture. In order to help reduce the buying of excess brushes/combs I’ll give you the only one you’ll really need. Can you guess which one it is?

If you said Vented brush you’re right. A vented brush simply helps build volume by scrunching and twisting up the hair while blow drying.


Easy to use/comfort level

What’s great about the vented brush is that the brush itself is not too wide. It’s quite compact compared to the other brushes and it does the job better. Not only does it shape hair in the direction you want it, the vented comb also spreads out the product more evenly.

A lot of other brushes tend to be on the bigger side making it harder to hold and not travel friendly.


Tug and Pull

No one wants a hair brush that tugs on hair. This immediately rules out a round brush because a round brush could knot the hairs and create a really bad tug on your hair – possibly pulling hairs out as well.

The teeth of the brushes are different from a vented brush to a round brush. A vented comb has teeth that are wider apart making for an easy glide through your hair and that equals nearly no tug or pull


Building volume

The way the vented brush is designed for is to allow the air that is being blown to help shape the hair while the teeth help hold the hair. It’s not rocket science, this brush is used to help build volume. Use it on wet or dry hair and you’ll see how easy and comfortable it is to use. I mean just look at Joe, he gets crazy amounts of volume by using a vented brush.


The Cost

Stop spending money on so many combs/brushes that virtually do the same thing but make your life harder. A vented brush doesn’t cost that much and it’s a great investment if you’re looking to build volume and tame your hair.


The Supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer

Welcome to Blutech! It’s going to be a new segment that Joe is introducing to the channel. It will be aimed towards tech related things with a mens lifestyle focus.

Today, Blutech is featuring the Supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer. Now the big question to ask.. Is it worth $400?


The Pros:

The Design

It’s a very minimalistic design, it doesn’t feel too chunky and it definitely has a unique look to it. The magnetic attachments are another great part of the design. Dyson is the first to use magnets in their attachments as it’s easier to add or remove while still being strong when attached. From first glance it almost looks like an oversized microphone with it’s sleek nose and long handle. Plus you can choose your preferred color of the ring.



It’s definitely lighter than most conventional blow dryers. Due to the construction and design of the blow dryer it makes for an easier manageable weight. As Joe mentions, it’s considerably lighter than his old one.


Motor is built into the handle

The motor of the Dyson hair dryer is actually at the handle of the equipment instead of the top, which is where most hair dryer motors are. Instead of the head of the blow dryer taking in air and blowing it out, the Supersonic Dyson hair dryer takes in air from the bottom of the handle and pushes it out through the top. This adds a different feeling of holding the dryer because now the dryer isn’t so top heavy while It also helps distribute the weight more evenly.


Noise level

The Supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer is a strong quiet blow dryer. In Joe’s review he showcases just how loud a conventional blow dryer can be compared to the Dyson. It is a considerable difference in noise level while still being as powerful if not more.


The cons

Changing temperature

Since the button switches on the Dyson blow dryer are electronic they follow a gradient of temperature. In order to get to cold air to blow from the Dyson you would need to press the button 3 times, compared to Joe’s old one which would just need a flip of the switch.

Now the Dyson blow dryer has a cold shot button, but the issue one might have is that you would need to hold the button to maintain a steady flow of cold air. A bit nitpicky but it is something to consider.


The Vents

The placement of where the vents are is at the bottom of the handle, which may or may not bother some people. For Joe, it is most natural to hold it near the bottom and this might be a problem with the Dyson because it could restrict air coming through. This means the placement of the hands needs to be in the middle or higher which can seem unnatural to some.


So is it worth the price tag?

Ultimately that is up to you. There are things that make this hair dryer shine but does it really make it that much better than a conventional hair dryer? Some might think so but others might not.

If you’ve been through countless blow dryers always having to replace them every couple of years, then this might be your next choice. Dyson has a huge reputation for making quality products and there is a reason why it costs so much. But if you’re content with having blow dryers just doing what they’re supposed to then I’d say this isn’t for you.


New Product On the Block

We’re here with Joe’s review on the Chaptr Styling cream. Chaptr is the result of two Youtubers getting together with an idea and making it come to life. Jordan O’Brien and Carlos Roberto are great friends that have their own respective channels on fashion, style and hair.

A bit of background info on Chaptr and BluMaan:

BluMaan was involved in the earlier stages of Chaptr by providing guidance. But when it came down to decision making that was ultimately up to Jordan and Carlos. Since the release of Chatpr, Blumaan has had nothing to do with Chaptr. As Joe would say, It would actually be considered one of our competitors now.

In this review, Joe starts it off by going over the basics:


Design and Look

With the design, Chaptr decided to go with the minimalistic look. Having their signature logo “CH.” on the top of the jar and the ingredients listed on the side of the jar.

The look of the product is something to keep in mind. Being a styling cream, you would expect the product to look like a creamier substance. However, when Joe scoops through he notices that he doesn’t scoop out like a traditional cream based product. Chaptr is a bit more firm.



Joe personally really likes the scent. He adds that it’s a citrus type of scent with hints of spices. Scent is something that is subjective, some people will like the scent of Chaptr while others might not like it.



Emulsifying it into the hands was fine and quite easy. But remember, this product is a bit more firm than a usual styling cream.

Joe mentions in his video that when applying it to the hair it has a great matte look to it right away. There’s no set in period where usual matte finish products provide a low shine at first and then throughout the day it fades into a matte look. One big surprise to Joe was that it was actually quite sticky when applying to the hair. It wasn’t by any means tugging the hair but it wasn’t the most smooth applying product either. Joe also mentions that after applying, it is quite dry to the touch being a super matte finish.

For Joe, there’s nothing wrong with a bit more of a dryer product because Joe has thick hair. However, being labeled as a styling cream could potentially mislead people. A styling cream usually applies easily without any tug and should feel smooth when you run your hands through your hair. But with Chaptr, it’s a bit different.



Joe claims the hold is quite strong being a styling cream. I would say most styling creams have a lighter to medium hold depending on your hair type. So being a bit more heavy than a styling cream actually could make it more than what it claims to be.


The Verdict

Joe the BluMaan approves! Although it’s labeled as a styling cream, it performs more like a medium hold wax product. It’s sticky not smooth and it doesn’t scream heavy hold but is pliable. The scent is great and very pleasing to smell. The overall hold and application exceeds what it claims to be, which may or may not be a good thing.

Labeling Chaptr as a styling cream creates expectations to people that it’s going to be a light hold with smooth application. However, we can see from Joe’s video that it isn’t necessarily a true styling cream.  People may be mislead into buying Chaptr if they’re looking for a light hold smooth application product, whereas others may be surprised and content with the fact that it has a medium hold.

Lastly, Joe mentions in the ingredients that it contains two types of clays. This could account for being a more different product than most styling creams.


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