5 Celebrity Beard Styles to Suit Every Face

If we asked you one feature on a guy’s face which makes a huge difference in their overall appearance, what would you say? Yes, you guessed it right – the beard. The right beard style accentuates the face features and can add up to your charm instantly. Beards are to men what eyebrows are to women. More often than ever, guys are struggling to get their beard shaped and styled in accordance with their face cut. They rely upon the barber to get it done and that doesn’t end well most of the times.

Better safe than sorry. It’s advisable to prep up a little before ending up with a style that neither suits you and you feel hesitant & under-confident to go up and meet anyone. We’ve laid out a list of five celebrities, whose cool beard styles you would love to try out once. Not only are thy snazzy but are competent in suiting every face cut.



Chris Evans
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Who better to begin this list with? It is none other than our very own Mr. Heart throb, Chris Evans. You can either go for his Before We Go look or Avengers’ as Captain America. His professional style beard is forever.

This beard style is tremendously classy and stylish. It shows that a guy is well-groomed and takes good care of his looks. This trending beard style gives your face a sharpening definition and a strong character.

All you need to do is to shave the neck and create a defined line underneath the chin. It stops Midway up the cheeks to connect evenly with the mustache. This look can definitely be your signature beard style.



Ryan Gosling
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Guys with sharp chin usually go for this look. It helps them enhance their look because it thoroughly draws attention to your chin. The beard style we are talking about is commonly known as the Captain Jack style.

The entire idea behind this look is to emphasize on your facial characteristics. If you want to look shrewd and smart, this look is apt for you.

If you are someone who has got really sharp eyes or an infectious smile, you’re at a better position to try this one out. Many celebrities are seen following this style including Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake.



Bradley Cooper
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This guy is known for his versatility. He has been nominated and won many awards, including four Academy Awards, two BAFTA Awards, and two Golden Globes. From portraying a diabolic guy in Silver Linings Playbook to contrasting his personality with that of his hipster role in The Hangover Trilogy; that is the diversity you see in him as a phenomenal actor.

Bradley’s sex appeal has been noted by several media outlets including People magazine, which declared him the Sexiest Man Alive back in 2011. Hipster look is one of the latest and best beard trends among youngsters. It brings out the rebellious part of your personality.

People who don’t have a formal profession can ace this look. The denser the beard, the more maturity it shows. However, the trim can vary according to the face shape. The hipster beard look calls for a better maintenance and hygiene.



Chris Hemsworth
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If we asked you who’s the youngest and most good-looking Dad in the Hollywood, it would be none other than Chris Hemsworth. For as long as we can remember, he’s kept the full beard, which makes him even hotter.

The full beard requires very little maintenance. To top it off, it never goes out of fashion. It’s evergreen and super cool to carry. It provides you the ample liberty to experiment the look.

This is arguably the most popular beard of all times. A full beard that’s well groomed says that you are ordering, self-confident and bold.



Chris Pratt
IMAGE SOURCE – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/83/Chris_Pratt_by_Gage_Skidmore_3.jpg/512px-Chris_Pratt_by_Gage_Skidmore_3.jpg

The Guardians of the Galaxy star is the apt name to close this list with. This oh-so-cute actor is a major buzz creator in the H-town. He’s one of those celebrities, who’s even gotten cuter and hotter with every movie.

The look he carried in Passengers is a designer beard. It’s a short growth of beard, aimed to affect a rugged masculine or deliberately unkempt appearance that became popular in the early 80s. The other known popular celebrity to have pulled this look off is George Michael. The best part about this style is this that it goes with everything- casual, formal, bridal and much more.

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