The Curly Quiff Hair Cut

All of you out there with curly hair, embrace it! I get it, sometimes you’re jealous you can’t have straight hair like Joe. But who wants to be like Joe, am I right?

In all seriousness, having curly hair is by no means a curse. Everyone is born unique and no one should ever feel like they have to look a certain way for the approval of others. The choice is ultimately yours and we’re here to make sure you stay true to what makes you different.

By giving you videos, guides and advice, we hope to inspire you to do something different and be confident in yourself. If you have curly hair then be proud of it!

And let’s be honest, those of us who have curly hair probably don’t have the time to straighten their hair all the time.

Let’s watch as Joe and David Rozman team up to style Alex’s hair.


The Cut

The goal of this cut was not to cut too much from the top and blend in the sides. Alex’s hair was already quite short to begin with so David is just cleaning everything up.

It’s important if you have curly hair that you don’t chop off too much from the top or else you won’t really have much hair to style with and you end up getting a weird type of poof.


The Style

It’s Joe’s turn to style Alex’s hair. He starts off by pre-styling with Original Styling Meraki and Joe mentions It’s not about getting rid of the curls, but it’s more about defining them. He want’s to use the curls in the style and he does this by scrunching the hair more to give it volume.

Then the post-styling begins. Cavalier Heavy Clay is up to finish the job. Joe scrunches with Cavalier to create even more volume with Alex’s hair.

And there you have it, a Curly Quiff hair cut. Styled by Joe, Cut by David.


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