5 Daily habits that can change your life

Maintaining your daily habits might seem as an easy task as any other, but it takes some efforts to be put in to acquire them in your lifestyle for longer runs. These miraculous daily habits will help you become a lot more productive on a daily basis.
Including them in your daily life will also ensure that you are in a lot calmer and anxiety-free mental state. If you are someone who’s struggling with productivity and anxiety, then make sure that you stick to this article by the very end. Let’s begin.



The first thing you need to get off with is planning out your entire day in the morning. Make yourself a to-do list, to begin with. As cliché as it sounds, this definitely keeps you disciplined throughout the day.

If you go through habits of successful people and management gurus, you’ll realize this is a vital productivity hack. Stick to this habit and within a week you’ll see visible results.

As soon as you start doing this, you’ll start comprehending that there’s so much time that you have with yourself in a day to get so much more done. You can realistically see in front of your eyes that how much time goes by wasted doing absolutely nothing. That alone is enough for you to motivate you to be dynamic. There’s a simple three step process that you need to follow, in case you are a beginner:

STEP-1: Grab a note pad or a posted note and make the list of all the items that you want to get done with by the end of that particular day.

STEP-2: Do all that you have in your control to stick to the list. Try and finish all the items that you’ve listed there throughout for the day.

STEP-3: As the day approaches the end, have a look at the check list and see the number of items that you ticked off. The moment you see all or most of the items ticked off that list, you will feel so much more confident about yourself.



Podcasts are one of the main go-to resources for people to seek motivation online, all over the world. In a nutshell, podcasts are audio versions of your typical YouTube videos.
The bright side here is that you can often listen to them while you perform other menial tasks. The Ground Up Show by Matt D’Avella is one of the most popular and motivated Podcasts there are. His Podcasts are generally interview based format where he invites successful people from all kinds of fields. Having an insight into the daily lives of extremely successful people is vastly inspirational.
If you lead an exceedingly busy life, you can listen to these Podcasts before you sleep. Not only will they put you off to a beautiful sleep, but also inspire you to wake up in the morning and do well.



If you have to pick one habit from this entire article, we would say you go with this one. Budgeting is an essential part of becoming an adult and we cannot stress enough on this particular habit.

In a nutshell, budgeting is figuring out the income that you are making along with the expenses that you make on a monthly basis. Knowing both of these figures will ensure that you’re not spending all of the money that you’re making as a part of your income. You are going to be able to set aside a little bit as a part of your savings as well.



This one might come across as a cliche, but as soon as you start acquiring this in your daily life, you’ll find so much value in doing it every day. This habit will ensure that you start your day on a positive note, which will make a huge difference in your life or the way you look at things. Make a gratitude journal and answer these three questions every day that we’ve listed down below.

1. What am I grateful for today?
2. What will make today awesome?
3. Who should I give my thanks to today?
Answering these questions will start off your day on an exemplary positive and bright note. Make your loved ones feel special by letting them know that they mean to you. It lights up their day and which, in turn, will make you even happier. Practicing gratitude develops a sense of positivity that nothing else in the world can.



As kids, we used to delve ourselves into books and stories. As we grow up and have more responsibilities to fulfill, we often lose touch with reading. Ask yourself, when was the last time you got around reading a book? Reading serves you well than watching movies, we’ll tell you why.

While you are watching a movie, you are served with the locations, sets and that entire mindset that protagonist is in. When you read a book, it’s all up to your imagination where the protagonist is at the moment or what he/she is wearing. It helps you widen your imaginative horizons.

All you have to do is select a book of your choice and make a habit of reading at least 5 pages a day. Preferably, do it right before you are off to bed as it tires your eyes out and helps you sleep like a baby. This is a great way to getting into the habit of reading.

Sagar Arora
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