Does Your Hairstyle Suck?

Let’s be perfectly clear, we heavily encourage being yourself but as hair enthusiasts there are some things to really think about to help enhance your hair style.


Length of hair

Joe begins talking about the undercut, which is a timeless style. He brings up a good point, in that the length of hair to achieve certain styles is an important factor.

If your hair isn’t long enough it may not result in the desired look. If you’re not sure about the specific length It’s good to ask your barber or better yet, our community! 

A good length that Joe recommends is about 4-5 inches. This is where the hair is long enough to be styled in a slick back or quiff manner without looking too long. We all don’t want that huge hair sticking up almost looking like a mohawk.


Face shape

Joe gives some more great advice by the example of face shape. We all have people we look up to and follow, but sometimes their style may not resonate well with ours. It leads us back to just being the best version of you. It’s good to be curious and adventurous to really find out what works and doesn’t work for you.

The next time you see someone with a great hairstyle ask your barber if it would work for your face shape. We highly encourage to experiment and be yourself but let’s be real with ourselves, we all can’t have Joe’s hair. But that’s what makes us different than him. Joe knew what styles would work for him and he embraced them.

Joe has a great video and post about it


The Back

The back of your head is easily forgotten mainly because it’s hard to see when styling your hair. Invest in a hand mirror to really help with styling the back of your head or if you’re serious about hair and hygiene get a wall mounted vanity mirror. Whether your growing it out or adding texture don’t forget about the back of your head!


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