Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade – Fully Reviewed

The launch of Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade is finally out and what better way to showcase how great the product is, than by hearing what your favorite hair styling Youtubers have to say about it.

Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade is a product that focuses on hair health because we know how important that can be. As a styling product we’ve carefully crafted it to be a high holding product while still maintaining an easy wash out. For most, it can be nerve-racking when releasing a new product. For us, it’s always a pleasure to hear what people say about our products. Whether good or constructive we always have our ears open at hearing how we can improve.

Check out some of our favorite reviews down below!


Mike Smith

“A better version of Fifth Sample. You’re going to enjoy this one. This was a huge step up. It’s a softer shine and more natural.”



Jake Daniels

“With many pomades the application can be hit and miss. I experience tug and pull, but that’s not the case with Fifth Sample – It’s easy to apply, gives me volume and my hair stays in place all day.”



Thomas in Action

“Using this and looking at the natural shine, I’ve changed my mind about pomades. I was worried about greasy shine but I never saw it with this product”


Stephen Lee
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