Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade UPDATE

The Very Beginning

At the start, Joe and the BluMaan team at the time wanted to create a special type of Pomade. There were a lot of pomades out there but none seemed to work for Joe.

We started to reach out to home brewers like Steve and Nicole Lockhart as well as Clayton Odoud from Odouds who helped guide us in the right direction. James Bui aka The Pomp also had some good input in the direction of Fifth Sample.

It wasn’t just about the product itself but it was a creative, coming together from different parts of the world to work on something we all loved.  One thing we all knew is that we loved hair and taking care of it. So that was the basis.

When it was all settled, all the things we never expected did happen and mistakes were made. We stopped selling our pomade and went back to the drawing board.

Update 03.22.2018 What happened to our Pomade?

Our pomade is on its way back! I know you all have been waiting and we’re working heavily on getting it into your hands. But you’re probably wondering what happened?

Expect the unexpected. We definitely did not expect our pomades to solidify during the transportation process, and got we burned because of it.


What happened?

Simply put, our pomade behaved unexpectedly when we shipped it to our customers. They were arriving rock hard, and this occurred numerous times as we received feedback via customer service.

Although those who received the product in a non-solid state loved it, we are not the type of company to ignore those who received “hockey pucks”. Rather than brushing the issue under the carpet, we went back to square one with a fine tooth comb.

We appreciate all feedback, whether good or bad. It hasn’t been an easy journey to restore Fifth Sample, but we’ve been focused and determined on fixing and improving it. It has taken some time, but we’re finally on track!


Moving Forward with Pomade

Our biggest road block has been duplicating the original formula. We worked with several labs, but the product was always too heavy or too light, none were quite right. Also, certain ingredients tend to be harder to acquire and some may be discontinued. There’s a ton of work that goes into reformulation, it’s not as simple as mixing in ingredients.

Although it was difficult, we kept at it and have finally found the perfect balance of hold, smooth application, creamy consistency, and natural shine. We think you’re going to enjoy this one.

Don’t worry, we’ve kept all of the nourishing ingredients too. Your hair will feel soft and smooth after washing out this pomade, which is what you’ve come to expect from Fifth Sample. We’re getting really close to the finish line on the re-release of Fifth Sample, so please stay tuned!

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Update 10.27.2018 - The Return of the Fifth

Some of you might be asking, why is it the return of our Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade? Well if you click the Update 03.22.2018  you’ll find out that this is a new reformulation of an older version.

For those of you who have an idea or have been following us from the beginning, you know what had happened to our Pomade. First of all we here at the BluMaan HQ just want to thank you for sticking with us, I know it took some time but we’re finally happy to have Fifth Sample back into your hands.

So what’s different? After countless testing with pomade and hair experts we finally concluded on a formula that touched all bases on what we originally wanted to achieve – Hair healthy ingredients, high hold, water based and a new low shine finish.

Our main focus was to bridge the gap between oil based pomades and water based. We felt that there needed to be an in between that carried characteristics of both. We loved the strong holds of oil based pomades but at the same time, we loved the washability of a water based.


Hair health

This is something extremely important to us specifically so we made it our mission to include hair healthy ingredients that would leave your hair smoother than ever before. Our goal was to create a pomade to help you style and make your hair feel healthy.

Healthy hair ingredients include: Biotin, Grape Seed Oil, Soy Keratin, Panthenol, Silk amino acid.

After using Fifth sample, these ingredients will create a styling mask on your hair. What does this mean? Since it’s easy to wash out with water, you’ll notice your hair becoming smoother after every wash.



We wanted our pomade to have a high hold just like an oil based pomade. Fifth Sample will never harden or crust on you. It will allow you to restyle your hair with a comb or with your hands.



Our original formula left a fairly high shine finish. But after some feedback, you guys let us know that we should tone down on the shine. So we’ve created our Fifth Sample as a low shine edition.


More Fifth Sample in every Jar

Yes, we’ve made the Jar  3.7oz in size.


Launch Date

November 7, 2018

Live Launch at 12pm


Launch date announcement


November 7, 2018

Live Launch at 12pm on the BluMaan Youtube Channel



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