Monarch Matte Paste – Fully Explained

Instead of me writing reasons why Monarch Matte Paste will or wont work for your hair, watch these videos instead. These guys do a great job of fully explaining the product, its uses and how it falls in line with their lifestyle. Hopefully after hearing what these fellas have to say, you can make an educated decision on whether Monarch Matte Paste will work for your hair. I just want to remind everyone that these are their own opinions and we do not write any scripts for them.

We take pride in the feedback and criticism we get because we know there are always areas of improvement. We love listening to what you have to say and will continually strive to bring you better products for your hair.

If you have time, also check out the behind the scenes of Monarch, where we show you a glimpse of the process it takes to make products.


Mike “The Man” Smith

Our good friend Mike Smith from ModernmanTV gives us his review and favorite styles with Monarch Matte Paste. He does some quick hairstyles with Monarch showing just how versatile this product can be. Also he explains how this product is different than the rest of the BluMaan line up.


Cameron “The Cavalier” Cretney

Our buddy Cameron gives his honest opinion at how Monarch works for his hair. Check it out!


Jake “Fashion” Daniels

It’s our boy, Jake Daniels. He’s back with a fresh slick back and we know he loves Cavalier Clay but hear his thoughts on comparing our Monarch Matte Paste with the rest of the BluMaan line up.


Jeremy “Pretty boy” Clyde

Jeremy speaks to me personally because I basically have the same hair type as him. He creates two hair styles with Monarch Matte Paste and surprises himself at how well it works.


Kareem “The One” Fathalla

If you don’t recognize our next friend, go ahead and google him. We’ll wait… Kareem has been on the MTV show “Are you The One” and is a successful model as well. He showcases a new haircut on his brand new channel while post-styling with Monarch Matte Paste at the very end. Check him out!


Benjamin “Everyman” Arthur

With a sea of media nowadays, it’s hard to find out who’s being honest about their reviews. Benjamin from Everyman, tells it like it is – from Packaging, right down to how it applies to the hair.


We’re not done yet

We of course had testers throughout making Monarch and we would like to thank them so much for testing and giving feedback. I wanted to add their a few of their thoughts for you readers out there who want to actually read something.


Nate Brimacombe

If I could sum up Monarch Matte Paste in one word it would be versatile. This product can really do whatever you want it to. For fine hair it brings amazing texture and hold that is almost on par with Cavalier, but doesn’t weigh down the hair at all.”


Justin Mullins

This would be a great product for thin hair people as it is a strong hold but is very light in the hair and that break down and application is effortless. All in all I would highly recommend this product for any hair type or style.”


Kory Borgia

I have fine hair that typically has issues maintaining hold throughout the day, but this product gives me all-day hold. (…) after walking through very strong winds for a good 15 minutes and I was able to restyle my hair and maintain a good level of hold still.”


Louis Carrion

Overall I’m very impressed with this. It’s crazy how Blumaan could make a product that works with most hair types without any real compromises. Very happy with the hold and control this product gives, and am happy with the endurance. Can’t wait for this to officially release!”


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