7 Popular Mens Habits to maintain Healthy Hair

You’re probably wondering how celebrities and people you know have great looking hair. Having healthy hair is probably a big part of why their hair looks amazing.

There’s tons of factors that can make your hair look dry and dirty all the time. Maybe you’re living in a place where the sun is beaming down or you work in an area polluted with smoke/dust/dirt. It’s not as simple as shampooing your hair.

The Fact is, our hair is part of our bodies and we should be taking care of it. Here are 7 popular habits that you can easily do to keep your hair looking healthy


1. Go Natural

Your hair goes through so much during the day – Sun, water, dirt, smoke, the list goes on. The last thing you want to do is slap on more product and prevent your scalp from breathing.

Let your hair air dry once in a while and keep it from being under a hat. Just let it all flow out. Your hair needs to recover so leave it be.


2. Eating Healthy foods and lots of protein

Healthy Foods

Fun fact, protein is the building block of hair. So it just makes sense to ingest protein to help build hair.

Now hair isn’t the most important thing on our bodies. Our bodies will allocate protein to the most demanding organs first and then distribute towards non-essential parts, such as our hair.

When you have a sufficient amount of protein, your body will start distributing stores of protein towards our hair – promoting hair growth.


3. Avoid burning hot showers

Who doesn’t like a hot shower? I know I do, but be careful not to burn your scalp and drying it out. Our scalp is sensitive so use warm water instead.


4. Use Heat Protectants and Hair Oils

Hair OilsThese two go hand in hand. If you’re blow drying your hair without any heat protectant well you should start using one. Without using a heat protectant you run the risk of damaging your hair and drying it out.

Argan oil is an amazing moisturizer and heat protectant that can be applied right after a shower. The great thing is you just leave it in your hair, no need to wash it out.

If you need something to help style your hair though, our Original Styling Meraki has a built in heat protectant and creates tons of volume when pre-styling.


5. Don’t forget to Condition

I know most of you out there just use shampoo and call it a day. Do yourself a favor and try to use a conditioner. You’ll see amazing results and your hair will thank you.

Conditioning helps moisturize the hair after it’s been stripped away from using shampoo. It’s not a gimmick, so start using a conditioner today! (Pro-tip: leaving in your conditioner for about 2-4 minutes will maximize moisture and you will have silky smooth hair when you rinse it out.)


6. Protect your Scalp

People forget that our scalp is exposed to the sun just as much as everything else on our body. Wear a hat, something that helps block our the harsh UV rays from the sun.

If hats isn’t your thing, use some sunscreen! Apply some at the hairline


7. Don’t Wash your hair too much

This last one is simple but the most forgotten. Many of us don’t like the feeling of our hair being dirty or having residue of product in their hair.

What you might not realize is that you’re stripping out all the beneficial oils that your hair produces when you shower and shampoo. Shampoo basically strips and dries out your hair and you may end up with brittle and dry hair in the long term.

I like to wash my hair every other day and sometimes every two days.

What if you’re an active person all the time or work where your hair is exposed to different substances/gasses? Instead of washing your hair with shampoos and conditioners each day, try just using a conditioner by itself and letting that sit in your hair before rinsing.

It won’t entirely clean your hair but it will make it softer and help with the grease breakdown. You could also use dry shampoo. We’ve written some great stuff about dry shampoo and how it can easily become your new best friend.

If you follow these habits, you’ll start to see results right away. Now you know the habits for healthy hair!

Stephen Lee
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