5 Hair Hacks for Men

Life hacks? no, today we’re talking about Hair hacks. But just like life hacks, we’re hoping these Hair hacks will help you easily style or fix your hair. Let’s be honest, we all want the perfect style before we leave the bathroom. But more cases than not we run into problems like flyaways, hair not looking healthy and the length of our hair. So let’s get into our 5 hair hacks that you should know to help with styling and save you time!


1. Hidden use for Pomades

We all know pomades are great standalone styling products. They’re great for slick backs and getting your hair to go the direction you want it to. Pomades are made with oils so it makes sense that they will weigh down your hair. The consistency of pomades keep your hair tight and held together, so they’re not the best for achieving texture. After using pomades it’s pretty common to run your hair with a comb to keep it tidy and neat.

Let’s talk about how we can use pomades for hair hacks.

A big problem people face after styling their hair are flyaways. You know, those pesky hairs that just stick out no matter what you do or how much product you’ve used. It’s been five minutes and you still can’t tame those flyaways. What do you do?

Use a pomade! I’m not joking, just grab a tiny dab on the tip of a finger, emulsify that a little bit and pat down your hair at that side part where the flyaway is. The slicking factor does a great job of grabbing the loose strands that stick up and you’ll be left with a much cleaner looking hairstyle.


2. Hair Oils and Serums

What are hair oils? Well, we’ve got a great post about it. If you don’t know what they can do for your hair, you should check it out.

I think hair oils should become a part of every guys hairstyling routine. It’s easy to adopt because you just need to apply it to your hair after a shower. Most of the hair oils you can leave in too so you don’t have to wash it off right away.

The biggest reason I would suggest using hair oils is mainly because when you shampoo you’re cleaning and stripping your hair. Conditioner is great but the added moisture benefits from hair oils/serums just adds a boost towards healthy hair. Hair oils make your hair softer and is easier to control meaning you can shape your hair in the direction you want it to go, more easily which is another great reason to use hair oils and serums.

Have you ever been in a position where you have applied too much product and you’re left with this mess on your hair? It feels too sticky or greasy and restarting the process of styling it back just takes too long. This hair hack will help with that. Apply a small amount of hair serum and what that will do is soften up your hair giving it more of a natural look rather than being greasy.

3. Choosing the right product for your hair

Now this might not sound like a hair hack at first but I would argue that it is because the difference between the right product and the wrong product is night and day.

Some basic advice, if you have sensitive or thin hair, typically you’ll need lighter products like a hair cream for example. If you want something light but with a bit more hold, by all means Hybrid Cream Clay by BluMaan will take you there. If you have normal hair types your options are pretty wide– waxes, some hair clays but maybe not to to thick and if you have thick hair, the products that work the best are the dense strong hold ones like Cavalier Heavy Clay.

At the end of the day, having the right product for you is the difference between a frustrating hair day and a great one.

4. The Trim

Once your hair starts growing back, you will start to notice your sideburns coming in. A good hair hack without needing to go to the barber is to buy yourself a a relatively small electric razor. It’s a great way to make your hair look great in between hair cuts.

The areas of focus are: side burns and around the ears. Make sure you’re trimming from the bottom up because you don’t want to cut too much off. Also make sure your sides are even! A good rule of thumb is to look in the mirror and see how the sides are facing and how much you would need to cut off.

5. Facial Hair

Lastly, try and match your facial hair to the amount of hair you have on top of your head. The longer hair you have without a beard and you’ll start looking a bit feminine – the beard helps counter that.

There’s nothing wrong with buzz cuts but it can definitely give you an egg shaped look. With a small stubble or goatee a buzz cut would look great!

Stephen Lee
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