Hair loss Transformation

And we’re back with another Hair loss transplant video narrated by Joe!

The David Rozman team is back at it again with another hair loss transformation. In the last transformation video, a lot of people commented that the hair looked almost too unnatural. However this time around, Phil takes a seat in the chair and the results are amazing.

Like last time, they’re cleaning and razoring off Phils hair at the top to ensure that his scalp is clean before applying the transplant. The transplant contains an adhesive and should be applied on clean skin. Essentially they’re making that hair loss area clean, crisp and shiny!

Just a reminder that the people who choose to get this transformation done are those that are facing baldness at a younger stage in life. They are looking for an alternative to getting hair back that looks and feels natural. To many, confidence is lost when bald. So this transformation is for those who want to gain back that confidence through hair.

Now one could compare getting a wig instead. However, the key differences between a wig and this transformation is that the hair used is tailored to the client. These clients come in for advanced screening and allows the David Rozman team to prepare in advance. The David Rozman team makes sure the hair color/type are as closest to the client’s original hair as possible. On average it would take about a month or two before the client would need to come back to get it redone.

Once the adhesive is all set, now what’s left to do is trim down! They begin making sure the hairline is in sharp and also trim the hair piece to the point where it meets the natural hair.

The master David Rozman, steps in and begins to style the hair.

It’s important to make sure that the hair is at a good length before applying so that It can be trimmed down and shaped into the desired look.

After all the hair settles, David goes in by combining argan oil and Hybrid Cream Clay. Now Hybrid Cream Clay is already easy to apply in the hair but mixing it with argan oil makes it even easier to apply. This is useful for those who have really sensitive thin hair.

Voila! Phil has a new look and it looks amazing!

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