3 Easy Mens Hairstyles for Short Hair

Messy Forward Quiff

No Hairbrush needed here. One of the most easiest styles that only requires a pre and post styler, a blow dryer and your hands!

Start with damp hair because this allows us to have a blank canvas to work with. We can now easily apply a pre-styler which will help set the control and volume of our hair. Original Styling Meraki is an amazing pre-styler because it feels natural and also gives great control and volume. Making it less work in the post-styling step.

Next up, Joe starts blow drying his hair. For the Messy quiff there’s no need to be fancy with a brush, so instead Joe goes in with his hands. Since our hands aren’t equipped with fine toothed even plastic tips, it allows our hands to create this uneven messy texture which is the beauty of the Messy Quiff

Once the hair is dry, it’s time to finish it off with the post-styler. Now the pre-styling helps set the foundation for the style, but it takes a great product like Cavalier Heavy Clay to elevate it and take it to the next level.


The Modern Side Part

Again, we start with damp hair and Original Styling Meraki. But this time, a hairbrush will be needed.

Joe begins to brush down his sides to tame it down and control it. In comparison with the Messy quiff, the side part is a cleaner look. Hence the vented brush because it’s the only brush you’ll ever need.

The blow drying step in this style takes longer because we’re trying to control our fly-aways and create a crispy look. The Side part style takes after it’s name as Joe is basically pushing his hair to one side.

Hybrid Cream Clay is the post-styler of choice here. Its creamy consistency allows for an easy application and its clay properties gives your hair great texture similar to Cavalier.


The Cleaned up Side part

What’s great about this last style is that it is basically the Modern Side Part but instead of using Hybrid Cream Clay, a pomade is used to keep everything tight and cleaner.

Where a clay gives texture, a pomade usually does not. Pomades are generally used for a classic pompadour. Which isn’t the style Joe is going for, but is variation of that.

A little bit about our Pomade: We’re working heavily on getting it back out and into your hands, please bear with us as we’re really close.

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