Healthy Hair: What are Hair Oils?

If you don’t know what hair oils are, you’re in for a treat. Now you might be wondering, oil for our hair? won’t that clog up our pores and prevent hair growth? On the contrary, hair oils specifically help keep your hair healthy and also make it softer so it’s easier to style.


Moroccan Oil aka Argan Oil

is one of the more popular oils that people use. It comes from the fruit of an Argan Tree that is mostly found in Morocco. It’s heavy on vitamins C, E and A as well as antioxidants. It essentially helps promote cell growth when applied to your hair, making it softer, full and healthy. Even higher end products contain a bit of Argan Oil.

The benefits of Argan oil consist of eliminating dandruff and dry scalp, keeping your hair less frizzy and protecting your hair from extreme heat. It’s a great leave in conditioner that just makes your hair look, feel and perform its best.


Coconut Oil

is another hair oil that is great for your hair. It’s less expensive than Argan oil and that’s one reason why its popular alongside Argan Oil. However there is a key difference as there are benefits. Usually with most hair oils, you are safe to leave in the oils after you shower. Unfortunately with coconut oil it’s not advised to leave it in your hair overnight, once applied it will need to be washed out. The benefits are quite similar so it’s common in promoting cell growth and protecting your hair from heat.

There are two kinds of coconut oil: Unrefined and Refined. It’s best to get the unrefined coconut oil, as this claims that it is purely coconut oil. Whereas the refined coconut oil will contain additives and other chemicals that might be harsh.

Although Joe does not mention it, there are other oils out there that are super beneficial for dandruff, dry scalp or growth. Those consist of Almond Oil, Marula Oil and Macadamia Oil.

However, Joe does mention there are other alternatives that Oils that might be better for repairing as well as moisturizing your hair. They come at a cheaper price but beware of harsh chemicals and additives.

2018 UPDATE: Joe released a new video regarding hair oils. He gives an update on some of the products currently keeping his hair healthy and soft!


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