Hockey Hair – The Best Hairstyles On and Off the Ice

Congratulations to the Washington Capitals on winning the 2017/2018 Stanley Cup this year over the very talented and skilled Vegas Golden Knights.

What a outstanding performance and start to their first season playing in the NHL. Who would have thought a team with the players they were built on; would make it to the finals on their first season and almost take home the Stanley Cup. History has been made by the Vegas Golden Knights, one that will be talked about for a very long time.

But on to what you’re really here for – Hockey + Hair? Do players have quiffs and pompadours under their helmets? Let’s not avoid the fact that these players also grow playoff beards. Under their hard plastic helmets is hair that we’ve not come to realize – Introducing Hockey Hair.


The Guide to Hockey Hair

The next time you want to update your “look,” there’s no better source of inspiration than going through your old hockey cards. Although most people think of a traditional mullet when they talk about “hockey hair,” there have been a wide variety of hairstyles that have graced the rink.

Many of those styles — from Jaromir Jagr’s voluminous mane during his Pittsburgh years to the infamous “skullet” of hard-shooting defenseman Al Iafrate — are one of a kind, forever linked to the players who sported them. Some of those styles, such as the flowing locks sported by the Hanson brothers in “Slap Shot,” inspired generations of young players to style their hair the same way.

Although today’s hockey hairstyles are a little more fashion-forward than the anything-goes styles of yesteryear, there’s still one thing that defines the quintessential hockey hairstyle — creating a sense of motion even when you’re not skating. True hockey hair gives you the look of speed and flash whether you’re on or off the ice, and that’s why players continue to take their hairstyles seriously. It’s also why you can draw a lot of inspiration for your look from hockey players, even if you’ve never heard of Al Iafrate.

Developing a good head of hockey hair takes some work, but the results can be well worth it — giving you a dynamic look that’s loose and messy but also stylish and sophisticated. One of the best things about hockey hair is the variability within the basic style. No matter what type of hair you have, chances are there’s a hockey hairstyle that will work for you. If you can’t find inspiration among your hockey cards, don’t worry. Check out the accompany guide to see if there’s a style that looks good to you.

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