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There’s nothing wrong with a bit of color in your hair to spice things up with your style! Joe takes a look at a brand called Mofojang and puts to the test how well this coloring works compared to how the professionals would do it.

Mofojang simply explains that their product adds rich color and hold when applying to your hair. How well does this product work you ask? Joe takes on the challenge.

In the video Joe explains that this is a wax and coloring product. However, when emulsifying Joe describes it as a watery texture. So already the wax part has failed the test. Joe shows that it has almost no hold at all and that he would pre-style his hair before hand to show you a full style look.

He begins with silver and ends off with blue. One common thing that Joe mentions is that you do have to apply a lot of product in relation to how much hair you have. People with shorter hair will probably use less than those with longer hair. Since Joe has fairly long hair the color that is left behind is more or less highlights in his hair rather than a rich deep color that is advertised.


The Verdict

It’s definitely something new and I would say comparing it to actual professional coloring would not be fair. The Mofojang product does what is intended to do, which is to color your hair for a short period of time. If you’re also looking to see what your hair would look like with some color, it’s probably a good idea to try out Mofojang. It won’t be the most accurate but it can give you some looks at what your hair will look like if you did do professional coloring.

If you’re preparing for halloween or a costume party then I would definitely recommend this product. However, If you want longer lasting color – go to a professional.


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