Long hair don’t care? Well you should

Today we’re going to be discussing long curly and wavy hair; how to keep it under control and ultimately how to style it.

Let’s face it, long hair can be a real pain to maintain. Longer hair entails more cases of split ends, longer drying times after showering and hair being on your face most of the time. These are just some to mention but there is much more to know about long hair.

We all want to look our best, whether your preparing for an interview, a date, an event or just every day. Our friend Thomas, from Thomas in Action shows us how it’s done. In the video, Thomas showcases the versatility of the Original styling Meraki.

First he uses it as a pre-styler; blow drying to achieve volume. Shortly after, Thomas mentions:

“After my blow dry was complete, instantly I noticed my hair had a lot more texture in the curl, which is very different from what usually happens. “

Then begins the straightening. Thomas segments his hair for a more uniform and proper way to straighten. He starts from the back and moves forward with the hair straightener.

Now it’s time to post style! Thomas pairs the Original Styling Meraki with the Cavalier Clay resulting in a coachella themed hair style. He has his hair slicked back and two pieces of hair in the front twisted and tied behind his back.

This look definitely gives an alternative to those looking to style their long hair and a look into the process that Thomas and others out there go through with curly and wavy hair.

Check out Thomas’ review on his blog page!

Stephen Lee
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