7 Amazing Tips to Lose Weight

Hey all, I’m Mike and about a year ago I started my weight loss journey. It all started when I took a picture with a bunch of friends. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, how could I have taken it so far. That moment made me realize that I was living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Before giving you these tips I want to give a little disclaimer. I’m not a professional coach and I don’t have an education in dietetics. These tips are based on my own experience.

1. Count your calories

The first step to losing weight is burning more calories than you eat. With MyFitnessPal I try to keep my calories in check. It’s an app that helps count your daily calorie consumption.

All you have to do is give your height, weight and bodyweight goal. The last thing the app needs from you, is the amount of weight you want to lose on a weekly base.

My only regret with this app is dropping my daily calorie goal to 1500 kcal from the get-go. I know most of you want to lose as much weight as you can, but losing weight is a continuous battle. A healthy approach is losing around a kilo per week (2 lbs.). BE PATIENT!


2. Keep on Moving

A great way to get in shape is to start from the basics. Get up from your chair or couch and go for a walk, run, swim, … every little bit helps as long as you are moving.

Don’t feel like running or working out? Play some basketball or hit the tennis court with a friend. The fact that you’re being active will start to shape your mindset to think more active.


3. Resistance training

One of my favorite ways to get in shape is resistance training. Gain muscle mass and burn calories in one workout? Sign me up! Resistance training has a bunch of benefits, not only physically but also mentally.


4. Chicken is your friend … well protein is

Sorry for the vegans and vegetarians out there, you might want to skip this part.

For those that are still reading, one of the best macronutrients out there that will keep your body in shape is protein. Not only is protein used to build and repair muscle tissue it also helps manage your weight by filling you up.

Great sources of protein are fish, tofu, lentils, beef, and my favorite, chicken. An added benefit from fish and chicken is that they are high on protein and low in calories. Winner winner chicken dinner?


5. Weigh yourself as much as you can

So you’re counting calories and you’re moving more. Now it’s time to measure your process. Try weighing yourself on a schedule, a weekly check-up is a minimum and if you can do it daily that’s even better!

Your bodyweight will change on a day to day basis. Sodium and water levels could play a role in how much you weigh that day. Measure your bodyweight daily and average it out at the end of the week. This will give you an more accurate idea of how much you’re losing or gaining.


6. Meal preparation

Another way to stay in shape is by meal prepping. By preparing or planning your meals ahead of time, you’re going to make it easier on yourself to keep your calories in check.

And if you love cooking, you’re going to have a fun time doing this.


7. Stay away from sweets

Last but not least, don’t cheat on your diet. Let’s be real here, we all like sweets and chocolate, but try to stay away from it.

Sweets and chocolate are high in sugar and will kill your hard work. I’m not advocating a total ban, but try consuming them less.

Nothing is as bad as ruining a good diet by eating a 500 kcal chocolate bar every day (even if they taste so good). Moderation is Key. 

These were my 7 tips that I used to help me lose weight! If you can follow a few of them, you’re surely going to make some process. Good luck and most importantly have fun!

Mike Michaux
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