How to maintain your hairstyle in hot weather

Summer is blazing and it’s not stopping any time soon. Just like your skin, you should be protecting and taking care of your hair during those hot weather days. The sun can easily dry out your hair so it’s important to keep your hair healthy to maintain your hairstyle.


1. Trim your hair for the Summer

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With longer hair your hair ends run the risk of drying out and becoming more brittle. So Go out there and get a fresh trim. It will keep you looking sharp and clean.

It will definitely make your hair look less damaged if it’s been suffering already.


2. Protect your hair with Shampoo

Invest in a pair of shampoo and conditioner that contain UV properties that protect your hair. There are tons of products besides shampoos that protect your hair too! – Sprays, oils and leave-in conditioners.





3. Wash your hair after a swim

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Chlorine basically dries out your hair faster. It takes out the hairs natural lubricant which essentially protects the hair.

The more it’s exposed to Chlorine, the higher the chances are that your hair’s protective cuticles will crack and lead to frequent split ends and breakage.



4. Skip the tools


Try not to use a blowdryer, if it’s a hot day why not air dry your hair instead? You can imagine that using a blowdryer in hot weather dries out your hair quicker.

What about a hair straightener? I would say use it less and remember to keep your hair protected from the heat.



5. Leave-in Conditioner oils

It’s crucial that you keep your hair moisturized. Use a leave-in conditioner to make sure your hair won’t dry out by the end of the day.

Hair Oils and serums are great too!

Pro-Tip: Use Hair oils before you blow dry to not only moisturize but to protect your hair from heat damage.


I hope you can use these quick 5 tips keep your hair looking its best this summer! Comment below if you’ve found this helpful or if you already knew about these tips.

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