Back to School Essentials

In this video, we go through what I believe are the Top 5 back to School Fashion Essentials for 2017. We’re talking clothing, hair products, and more! I want to teach you all how to dress better, and elevate your style.

To start, a Herschel back pack to keep all your things with you and look stylish carrying them. Herschel’s got a classic bag like the one in Joe’s video to hold all his essentials. From laptops to hair products, Herschel backpacks have been a staple for some and they’re still trending big.

Denim. A classic pant piece that just goes with everything. If you don’t own a pair of jeans then I don’t know where you’ve been. No matter the color or style of shoes/shirt/jacket, a pair of dark blue or black jeans are definitely an essential in Joe’s books.

The Basic t-shirt. This is probably one of the most inexpensive essentials that anyone can afford. T-shirts are easily cheap and replaceable. Your local mall will have stores that carry T-shirts ranging from as cheap as $10 – $20 based on material.

Texturizing Hairspray. Now we get into some hair stuff that can keep your style lasting. A small can of texturizing spray is easy to carry and can boost any hairstyle. If your hair is feeling flat give it a spray from the roots to the tip

Don’t be afraid to take hair product with you either. Our jars are travel friendly and just like the texture spray, can spice up any hairstyle. > > For all your BluMaan Products

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