The Haircut: A start to any Good Style

A simple haircut can drastically change your appearance. More specifically, a haircut can give you a strong defined face structure.

Something to keep in mind is that our friend Ali here came in with quite long and poofy sides. This gives the illusion that our heads appear wider when they’re really not.

David begins chopping down and cleaning up the sides and back. He does this to create a sharper and neat look to accommodate Ali’s face structure. He then continues to thin out while also cutting naturally to Ali’s curly hair.

We start to see the transformation of the face structure from when Ali first came into the salon. Ali’s new hair gives him a significant change in his face structure.

Just goes to show that a haircut can do a lot for you than what people give it credit for. A good haircut can help with easier styling and awkward growing phases.

We really want to emphasize that getting a good haircut goes hand in hand with using the right product that will work for your hair.

Your hair is part of you, take care of it!


Stephen Lee
My name's Stephen and I'm a blogger at BluMaan. You can find me writing posts about hair, fashion and more. I like broccoli and rap music.
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