3 Steps to get clear skin for men in less than 5 minutes

Have you ever wondered how some people can have such clear skin? Let’s forget about the make up and realize that these people take good care of their skin health. I’m going to be revealing a routine that will help get you guys get clear skin. But you might be thinking that it’s too much work to get clear skin for men, I can assure you that it only takes 5 minutes.


Step 1 – Exfoliate & Cleanse

When you come back from a full day of activities your skin is going to be oily, dirty and dry, so it’s up to you to make sure its clean and hydrated. The first step towards clear skin is to clean your skin!

Exfoliating basically means you’re breaking down the layer of skin that is dirty and prepping your skin for hydration. This stage is crucial because you’re cleaning your skin before you moisturize. If you skip this step the next steps aren’t going to make a difference.

When you use an exfoliator make sure to grab one that is fairly light and suitable for your skin. If you have sensitive skin and use a harsh exfoliator it’s going to make your skin dry and will actually hurt your skin more than it cleans. Compared to if you have thicker skin that needs more cleaning, which a stronger exfoliator would be suitable for.

Wet your face before you apply the exfoliator and rub the cleanser into your skin. Make sure to get those big pore areas like your nose to help with clear out black heads.  Wash off the cleanser and prepare for the toning part.

Step 2 – Tone your skin

I personally used to skip this part because I never knew what a toner actually did. However, trying it out recently helped me realize that it’s an important step towards clear skin.

So what’s a toner? It looks like water and acts like water but when you apply it to your skin it hydrates the skin plus removes dead skin cells that would not have been caught from the initial step 1 cleansing. The result you get is glowing skin and if the cleanser does 80% of the cleaning this would do the extra 20%.

Think of a toner as another cleanser but now you’re hydrating your skin because the cleanser would have started stripping away at the dirty dead skin cells. After cleansing you might notice that your skin is dry that’s because the exfoliator is doing it’s job by removing that dirty layer of skin. With a toner, you help repair and hydrate your skin.

Remember, you don’t need to wash out the toner as it’s hydrating your skin.


Step 3 – Moisturize

This is the last step towards clear skin.

It’s time to make your skin the softest it can be. A moisturizer is exactly what it’s labeled to do – hydrate your skin. Now that your skin is exfoliated and clean it’s time to apply and lock in moisture to have glowing clear skin.

Apply your moisturizer and you’re done! There’s no need to rinse your face in this step either because the moisturizer is the last hydrating stage.

Go ahead and feel your skin now, smooth right?

How often should you wash your face?

This is a great question, the short answer is: everyday. But let’s be honest, we’re going to forget or be lazy after a long day so as long as you’re washing your face every other day you’ll start to see results. The hardest part to this routine is staying consistent because you’re not going to be seeing results right away but if you’re consistent you will start to notice clear skin!

You should always try and do these steps at night because that’s when you’re not exposed to the outside where pollution, dirt and grime can start to set on your skin.

Good luck on achieving clear skin! If you already knew these steps or found these helpful feel free to comment down below.

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