It’s time for some spring cleaning – Fashion Edition

Let’s take a step back from hair and talk about fashion shall we?

I don’t know about you, but I tend to accumulate tons of clothes that I only wear once or twice. It then sits in the my closet never to be seen again and that’s basically money down the drain. I’m here to tell you to not be like me. Focus on the style rather than the trend and be conscious about your already existing wardrobe.

It’s better to think about the item your buying with your current clothing pieces rather than ones you don’t have. If you start to think like this, you will start seeing yourself buying less. These spring cleaning tips will help you condense your wardrobe, leaving you with the basics and essentials you need.


The Basics

Since this isn’t a post about specific pieces, we’ll talk about the fashion aspect in terms of basics. Basics are your t-shirts, pants and jeans. Everyone needs a good pair of jeans, get yourself a pair that will last you a fairly long time and get rid of duplicates! This applies to all basics. No one needs seven white t-shirts, unless you don’t do laundry and use a new shirt every day.

I like to think about the two and three rule. If you think you’re going to be wearing the same shirt two or three times a week, than it’s more understandable to buy another of the same shirt. However, don’t get carried away. It’s easy to think you need seven t-shirts or pairs of jeans because they’re part of the basics or cheap. That’s how you run into my problem. Focus on the wear factor and only buy what you really need.

Fashion Basics
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What are those?

Shoes. I would say in the last couple of years shoes have been on everyone’s radar – Nike, Adidas and more. People are obsessed with name brand, celebrity type shoes. I don’t blame them, who doesn’t want to own a shoe designed by Kanye West?

But do you really need 30 pairs of shoes? I find it a bit extensive when people have more than 4 pairs because honestly you only need your boots, sneakers, sandals and dress shoes. I’m not here to judge people who do, I’m just saying it’s money that could be used towards more important things. This is the spring cleaning portion for shoes. If you have more than two pairs of sneakers consider passing them down to a family member, donating or even selling them.

Shoes lose their value fast if you wear them so you probably want to think twice about wearing them if you are reselling them. But shoes are meant to be worn, that’s why you buy them in the first place right..?


Fashion: Style not Trend

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It’s a very broad term and everyone tends to define fashion their own way. Keeping in line with BluMaan, Stay true to what makes you different.

Buy for the style not for trend because trends come and go but style is timeless. Look to others for inspiration but don’t be fixated on finding the exact same brand or piece. Instead find a piece that looks similar and don’t worry about the brand name. If you do you’ll start becoming attached to the brand and spend way more than you should for a t-shirt.

Be smart about what you purchase and remember to think about what you have currently. This will help you not buy excess and duplicates. Don’t be persuaded by the hype¬†because you only become disappointed.

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