Spring Style Tips

Suns out, guns out. And when I say guns, I really mean your spring hairstyles. Let’s embrace the sun being back in our lives; sorry to some of you who are still experiencing cold winter weather. But on the west coast, we’re slowly tearing away from the cold’s grasp and welcoming the warmth. No more heavy winter jackets and wool socks. One thing I find hard to do especially during the winter is to style my hair. The cold weather, rain and possible snow just make me not want to bother with styling my hair and instead settle for a hat. However, with spring blossoming it’s time to bring out those awesome spring styles.

I think spring is a great time to experiment with hair because of the variation in weather. It’s not too hot or cold so you can really have fun and try something new. Most people avoid certain styles with extreme temperatures in summer and winter. That makes sense because the heat/humidity is going to just bring down your volume; same could be said about the cold and rain.



It’s what a lot of guys want these days and I don’t blame them. Texture is one of those things that don’t come naturally to us guys. It’s not easy to achieve texture without the right product or spray and when done well, can look amazing. Pair up texture with some volume and you’re all set.

The great thing about texture is that it doesn’t have to be uniform. Be messy and use your hands. The beauty of using your hands is that it creates texture based off of the shape of your hands and the way you’re layering it as you’re hand-combing. Drop that comb and use your hands. I generally use my hands to create messy texturized styles and only use my comb/brushes when I need to set my hair in a general direction.

Cavalier Heavy Clay is great to use with hand-combing and I highly encourage it. I would avoid using a comb with clay because of the consistency and properties of it. Sliding a comb through your hair will feel like you’re tugging your hair.



Don’t be afraid to go long or short. I think we all know the pros and cons of both lengths and it’s important to figure out which style you’re going for and adjust your length accordingly.

Spring brings out the sun and what better way to style your hair than to do it a bit messy. We tend to find ourselves outdoors more, so that could mean beaches, sports and activities. Try and think of a length you would like to accommodate for things you like doing. If you like to be active then consider a fairly shorter length. Messy short quiffs and texturized french crop/fringes would totally be great for spring.



I think that one thing you can do constantly with your haircuts is keep your sides trimmed. Whether you’re keeping your top long or short depends on the style you want. But getting a haircut often is something that really can make the style work. It doesn’t matter how much product you use, If your hair isn’t at it’s optimal lengths than the style you’re going for might not turn out the way you want.

For myself, I tend to go every 3-4 weeks. I personally like a 4-5 inch top length and this gives me the best hair to style with. I also forgot to mention that my hair tends to be thick so going to the barber to thin it out really helps.


So this spring, if you’re out for the spring break and traveling, don’t forget to stay on top of your style. The last thing you want is to go out in public not looking your best.

Stephen Lee
My name's Stephen and I'm a blogger at BluMaan. You can find me writing posts about hair, fashion and more. I like broccoli and rap music.
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