Stop wasting your time and focus on your goals

Your way up to your goals will come with its sets of difficulties, challenges and distractions. These distractions might linger for longer period affecting your success. It is, thus, advisable to keep them in check before they get in your way of success.

It’s your ability to stay focused that serves as a critical factor in deciding your success or failure. Setting your goals and achieving them is imperative and focus is the key to reach there.

Here are 5 essential tips that can come in handy when it comes to managing distraction, eliminating opportunities for procrastination, and drawing healthy boundaries.


Before you are off to bed, make up your mind about all the things you need to get done by the end of next day. It could range from deciding on your costume, lunch, or picking up the dry cleaning on your way home.

Make a verdict that you won’t waste your time scrolling down social media switching from one platform to another, before you get all the items ticked off in that to-do list. Stick to your schedule and do your best to check off the maximum number of tasks.

This way, you won’t forget anything important you were supposed to do. Getting into the habit of planning your day in advance will help you avoid getting sidetracked and wasting time and energy on things that are irrelevant.



The way to your success doesn’t necessarily requires the hard work. Sometimes, it’s getting your work done in a smart manner rather than working hard.

Break down your goal into several small goals and make your way up to the ultimate goal by conquering those small goals first. Do not keep putting off most difficult duties for later. Instead take command and begin with the tasks that are troubling and breaking them apart.

Try getting these vital tasks done in the morning itself as our mind is sharpest and fresh in the morning. Once these important tasks are over, we can relax without having to worry about them anymore. It saves you a lot of energy, mental strain and time.



Self assessment is the key to exactly catching the glitches that are causing you to be distracted. These distractions are not real emergencies and don’t need your response, in most cases.

Figure out performing which activities make you slack off. Once you tackle down the issues, you can easily come up with solutions. Set a time period for these activities.

Until then, give your full concentration to utmost important tasks. You can reward yourself after completion of any important tasks. This way, you are motivated to reach your rewards.



If you find yourself extremely unmotivated and bored in the middle of your responsibilities, take a quick break. Take a brisk break to restore your energy. That way you’ll find it easy to aim your focus back.

Do anything that works best for you. It could be listening to your favorite song, dancing, taking a walk, talking to your friends or anything else that reenergizes you. Keep a check on your health from time to time, including the food and water intakes. Arrange a routine with these affairs as your health and well-being comes first.



Create a vision board, written note, an imaginative movie, or some system that serves as a continuous reminder of what you are working towards. This alone is enough to serve as a motivator and encouragement to keep walking in the right direction.

Suppose that your goal is to shed those extra pounds and fit into your favorite dress pair of jeans. Have a clear vision of what you would look and feel like the moment you are actually wearing those jeans. Set some time to visualize this goal on a daily basis. The more details you can put in, the better it prompts you.

Imagine if just the thought of achieving that goal can make you feel this happy, how ecstatic it can potentially make you the day you actually meet that goal. Trust us, this journey will be totally worth it.

Stephen Lee
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