How to Style your Hair with Clay

Cavalier Heavy Clay


It’s quite difficult to scoop out. Is that normal?

It’s normal. Traditional type clays can be quite thick but don’t be afraid to get in there and break that product down. Try pressing the product down into your palms initially to help break down product. Another way is to heat the product up by rubbing it between your palms.


What’s the best way to apply the hair clay?

Start by lightly applying the hair product all over your hair starting from the back. Repeat this process. This method of application won’t load your front fringe area with a great deal of product, which could make it messy and heavy.


Why does my hair feel stiff immediately after application?

Traditional clays usually makes you hair feel stiff because of how heavy the product is. Wait 10-15 minutes after applying the product and your hair should feel more relaxed.

Watch the video to see how to get the most out of your hair clays.


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