The Supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer

Welcome to Blutech! It’s going to be a new segment that Joe is introducing to the channel. It will be aimed towards tech related things with a mens lifestyle focus.

Today, Blutech is featuring the Supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer. Now the big question to ask.. Is it worth $400?


The Pros:

The Design

It’s a very minimalistic design, it doesn’t feel too chunky and it definitely has a unique look to it. The magnetic attachments are another great part of the design. Dyson is the first to use magnets in their attachments as it’s easier to add or remove while still being strong when attached. From first glance it almost looks like an oversized microphone with it’s sleek nose and long handle. Plus you can choose your preferred color of the ring.



It’s definitely lighter than most conventional blow dryers. Due to the construction and design of the blow dryer it makes for an easier manageable weight. As Joe mentions, it’s considerably lighter than his old one.


Motor is built into the handle

The motor of the Dyson hair dryer is actually at the handle of the equipment instead of the top, which is where most hair dryer motors are. Instead of the head of the blow dryer taking in air and blowing it out, the Supersonic Dyson hair dryer takes in air from the bottom of the handle and pushes it out through the top. This adds a different feeling of holding the dryer because now the dryer isn’t so top heavy while It also helps distribute the weight more evenly.


Noise level

The Supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer is a strong quiet blow dryer. In Joe’s review he showcases just how loud a conventional blow dryer can be compared to the Dyson. It is a considerable difference in noise level while still being as powerful if not more.


The cons

Changing temperature

Since the button switches on the Dyson blow dryer are electronic they follow a gradient of temperature. In order to get to cold air to blow from the Dyson you would need to press the button 3 times, compared to Joe’s old one which would just need a flip of the switch.

Now the Dyson blow dryer has a cold shot button, but the issue one might have is that you would need to hold the button to maintain a steady flow of cold air. A bit nitpicky but it is something to consider.


The Vents

The placement of where the vents are is at the bottom of the handle, which may or may not bother some people. For Joe, it is most natural to hold it near the bottom and this might be a problem with the Dyson because it could restrict air coming through. This means the placement of the hands needs to be in the middle or higher which can seem unnatural to some.


So is it worth the price tag?

Ultimately that is up to you. There are things that make this hair dryer shine but does it really make it that much better than a conventional hair dryer? Some might think so but others might not.

If you’ve been through countless blow dryers always having to replace them every couple of years, then this might be your next choice. Dyson has a huge reputation for making quality products and there is a reason why it costs so much. But if you’re content with having blow dryers just doing what they’re supposed to then I’d say this isn’t for you.


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