The Perfect Combo


We’ve designed our products to help those with controlling their hair. This combo is what I like to call our thick hair control system. The power of pre and post styling is such a strong foundation for any hairstyle.



Setting the foundation of volume. Remember it’s easy to control volume what you have it, so you can always decrease the volume of your hair but it’s always harder to create volume. Original Styling Meraki will give volume that you never knew you had, you’ll be surprised at how awesome this product is as a pre-styler.


Pre-styling alone won’t create the hold for your hairstyle to last all day. That’s where the post-styling comes into action. Using a product like Cavalier Heavy Clay will give your hair the final lock-in factor. Giving your hair texture and the hold to achieve your desired hairstyle. Did I forget to mention a matte finish?


Though our products are stand-alone, when used together it creates a stronger hold, awesome texture and bigger volume.


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My favorite duo:

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