My Bad Haircut Experience

We Never See It Coming

We never see it coming. You enter the barbershop with a pep in your step, ready to get a fresh haircut. You sit down in the chair of your usual shop, full of those positive thoughts and a look in your eye that says “let’s do this”.

Your barber pulls the clippers like a gunslinger, he really looks like he’s on his game today. He attacks your grown out fade like a cheetah seizing its prey. Everything seems to be coming together perfectly. Perhaps you begin to fantasize about all the awesome styling days to come..

but then.. you see it.

Of course the barber isn’t saying a word, he may not even be breathing. He doesn’t want to alarm you, but he knows what’s going on. And as he begins to turn you around to face the mirror, you see it too. The cold breath of the ghost of haircuts past creeps over your face as you lock eyes with the person you once knew. “Who is this person?” you think to yourself, as the shock floats over you. Your eyes fill with the widened electric remorse as the realization finds its way to your cerebellum.

You just got a bad haircut.

As the barbershop stops and holds a moment of silence for their botched brother, and you sit frozen in disbelief, pondering everything from ugly crying, to time travel- you then begin to find the first words that naturally expel themselves from your lips, “what the &%$# am I going to do?”

My Sad Tale

Recently I had my own unfortunate incident and I wanted to share what I did in this terrible occurrence, in the hopes that maybe it would help some of you. You see, much like the others we pay tribute to, I had a terrible experience in the salon chair. It all started with the idea to get a cut like Arthur from the show ‘Peaky Blinders’ its a great cut, I was super excited to try it out. I spend days looking at photos and picturing how awesome the photos were going to turn out, completely forgetting the most important thing..I have probably the worse shaped head for this haircut.

The thought never even crossed my mind that this cut would look bad on me until the end when I saw the final result and the feeling of panic began to rain over me. It looked horrible. Now, this is just one scenario where a bad haircut is a result. The other, more probable scenario is when you choose a good haircut for you ( or return to get “the usual”) and it turns out bad. These tips will help you just the same.

Beware The Frosted Tips

The first thing I did, which was probably the hardest thing to do, and that was not to overreact. I resisted the urge to overreact, knowing full well that overreacting can lead quickly to further mistakes, like a buzzed head, or frosted tips. 

I remember sitting there thinking that I just needed to buzz it all off. Just hit the reset button. Luckily tho, I forced myself to not overreact, and this is what you should do here as well. Take a step back, breathe, think of a happier place, and remember this: somewhere, someplace there’s a guy with a rat tail, and he thinks it looks awesome. No matter how bad your haircut may be, I can assure you that it doesn’t look as bad as a rat tail. 



Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The second thing I did here, which I think is also a tip I can offer you, is to talk to your stylist/barber. Resist the urge to be confrontational or rude to them, chances are they are just as upset as you are about the haircut. We need to remember that in cases where you went in for “the usual” and ended up with “the unusual” that sometimes our hair maintenance professionals are human, and sometimes things happen. Sometimes they are aware of mistakes and sometimes their not. Talking to them and sharing your feedback is the easiest way to start the process of rebuilding. In situations where the barber/stylist made a mistake, talking to them can enlighten you on whether or not something can be done to fix the situation, and if you need to be finding a new place to get a haircut.

The biggest thing I always stress to people in this situation is not to just immediately quit on your barber when things go wrong, talk to them and give them feedback so next time things will be much better. There are situations however that this doesn’t apply to and sometimes the cut is SO bad that you just need to run…like Forrest Gump type run. This is also why we have the third action that I took, and a third tip for those of you keeping score.


Worst Case Scenario

Tip #3 is to get a second opinion or a hat. This is really only for the worst-case scenarios like your cut is SUPER bad. If you just ended up like I did,  which was basically just a glorified paint brush haircut- then I suggest you just make very good friends with hats. Hats, in this case, are your best friend. I spent about 2 weeks hiding my head until the sides grew back and I was then able to go back to Tip#2 and discuss it with my stylist, and thus get things back on track, turning the bad haircut into Lord Voldemort.

Circling back to our second opinion, If needed-this could be a true style saver. Another barber/stylist with a fresh set of eyes not only can tell you how bad the situation really is, but they can tell you what the options are. I like to think of a buzz cut as the worst possible case scenario, and getting a second opinion can really open your eyes to another option that maybe you haven’t considered yet. Who knows, you may even find yourself a new barber this way if you end up needing one! I didn’t end up doing this myself, I actually just wore a hat until it all grew back. I kind of hid from the world for a couple weeks, but I realized that some of you may end up needing a second opinion if you end up in the worst case scenario, so that’s what I would do in that situation.

Remember in the end hair is just hair, it does grow back. Unless your Voldemort..I got nothing for that dude.


Also if you’d like some additional tips on what to do when you get a bad haircut, check out this previous bluprints post here.

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